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Talented engineers and their ‘quite loud and fast’ cars

I once had the pleasure of accompanying a Formula One engineer on his first ever visit to Santa Pod. I arranged for him to be on the start line for a round of Pro Stock qualifying and watched with delight as he stood between Jimmy Ålund and Michael Malmgren through burn out and into stage before the tree dropped and the pair of cars sat up onto the bars and screamed off down the track, the unmistakeable sound of the rapid gear changes only enhanced by the Doppler effect before the revs peak and then cut as the cars bolted through the line and deployed chutes. My guest turned to me with a look of mixed delight, shock and awe before uttering the following wonderfully understated sentence; “Wow, they really are quite loud and fast aren’t they.” Continue reading

Ten is more than just a number for Jimmy Ålund

Last year, Jimmy Ålund reached a milestone by winning his tenth FIA European Pro Stock Championship, making the Swede by far the most successful European drag racer in history. But now it’s time to recharge the battery and explore unknown territory behind the wheel of Magnus Petterson’s Old 51 Pro Mod. “I’m really looking forward to a season in Pro Modified, but it’s not the start of a goodbye to Pro Stock as we will also do a limited schedule with our Pro Stock Camaro and take the opportunity to test some ideas we have,” said Ålund about the coming season. Continue reading

A blue Camaro will wear the number 1, but which blue Camaro?


Jimmy Ålund

The 2016 Pro Stock season has certainly been a close fought race as we come into the finals at Santa Pod. Rain has affected a couple of the races this year resulting in cancellation of eliminations in Alastaro and reduced qualifying in Hockenheim and the first Tierp round.  Points have been harder to come by for the main players. This has been the case across the board but we have still seen three winners before the finals.  Continue reading

Review Pro Stock, Scandinavian Internationals. The shape of things to come?


Bengt Ljungdahl

Bengt Ljungdahl is having a season of firsts. Completely different experiences than he had in the 2015 season when he attended races at Tierp only and failed to qualify for either race day, Bengt has taken the 2016 season in his grasp and attended all races, qualifying at everything to date. Could the likeable Swede maintain his record of high qualification positions and go some more rounds at Tierp?  Continue reading

Pro-Stock comes back to Germany


Jimmy Ålund

After a break of two years the Pro Stock cars made a return to the Rico Anthes Quartermile in Hockenheim for the NitrOlympX.  As keen followers will recall, the track in 2014 could not hold the power of a Pro Stock car and all teams voted to quit the event after Q1.  No Pro Stock team attended the NitrOlympX in 2015, but they have returned after the track crew adopted a new plan for the preparation and management of the racing surface. It would seem that this new approach has worked as the times in both qualification and eliminations were representative of Pro Stock in full flight.  Continue reading

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