Christiansen, Lymant and King win, but rain defeats the rest of the FIM-E Main Event

To complete a frustrating meeting, rain eventually won much of eliminations day with a series of downpours disrupting and ultimately curtailing the opening round of this year’s FIM-E championship. This also included a shift to eighth mile running after the first set of eliminations due to problems drying the shutdown area, and then a final set of the wet stuff ended proceedings with only three classes completed.

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Rain brings early end to The Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway

Rain brought an early end to the eliminations of The Main Event, round one of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship at Santa Pod Raceway. After a rain delay in the morning, the FIA classes Top Fuel, Top Methanol and Pro Stock had completed their first round of eliminations, and Pro Modified their second round, when the rain came back several times. Although the Santa Pod Raceway crew did their very best to dry the track, it was impossible to start racing again.

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Rain cuts FIM-E Main Event qualifying very short on Sunday

Sunday at the Main Event turned out to be one of those curate’s eggs that is occasionally thrown the way of the FIM-E racers. A late start thanks to heavy rain overnight and the FIA cars (and some others) taking precedence in the running order, there was but one run (Jerome Rougemont in Pro Stock Bike) before the rain returned, not once, but twice bringing an end to proceedings.

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Jndia Erbacher, David Vegter, Tony Bryntesson and Jimmy Ålund number one qualifiers at The Main Event

Jndia Erbacher (Top Fuel), David Vegter (Pro Modified) and Jimmy Ålund (Pro Stock) remained the number one qualifiers for The Main Event with the elapsed times they recorded on the Saturday. Only in Top Methanol there was a new leader as Tony Bryntesson recorded 5.36 seconds to take over the number one qualifying position. Thus Erbacher, Vegter, Ålund and Bryntesson are the four drivers who will lead their respective categories into Monday’s eliminations at the opening round of the 2024 FIA European Drag Racing Championship at Santa Pod Raceway.

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Jndia Erbacher, David Vegter, Silvio Strauch and Jimmy Ålund leaders after the first day of qualifying for The Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway

Jndia Erbacher raced to the number one qualifying position in Top Fuel at the first day of qualifying for The Main Event, the opening round of the 2024 FIA European Drag Racing Championship. In Pro Modified David Vegter stormed to a great 5.80 seconds to take the lead. In Top Methanol Silvio Strauch was quickest with 5.64 seconds while in Pro Stock Jimmy Ålund once again claimed the provisional number one position with a great 6.56 seconds.

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Back to action at Santa Pod for a flying start of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship

After a far too long and also wet winter, the engines can finally be fired up again and the thousands of horsepower unleashed. It’s time for the traditional opener of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship, The Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway! Ida Zetterström (Top Fuel), Linn Fløysvik (Top Methanol), Jan Ericsson (Pro Modified) and Michael Malmgren (Pro Stock) are the reigning champions, but one thing is sure, in at least three categories a new champion will be crowned at the end of the season. What to expect in England, who are the favourites and who might surprise? It will once again be a tough fight with a title race that could go down to the wire.

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Next Generation Racing plans ahead for the Main Event

Having lost out on the FIM-E Junior Drag Bike Cup in 2023 in the trophy shootout at the Euro Finals last September, Hollie King will be looking to take back the trophy she won the previous year with the very stylish 400cc Suzuki she debuted last season. She’ll also have support from her younger brother Jaxon who has already drawn a fan club thanks to his crowd pleasing performances in Germany last year.

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