Congratulations Lina for the 2023 Bilsport Award

The 2023 Bilsport Award Junior was handed out last Saturday at Bilsportgala in Jönköping and once again we got to see a drag racing driver receive the prestigious award. The prize is voted for by Tidningen Bilsport’s readers in six different motorsport branches, so we can say that Lina Andersson is a very popular driver in Sweden.

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Sjödin Motorsports update for 2023 season

If you want to tell your story about what’s going on in your team, what your plans are for the 2023 season, or something else. Feel free to send us a summary or invite us to your racingshop, so our readers can enjoy your story. We are happy to publish Your plans here at One of those who want to share theirs plans are team Sjödin Motorsport.

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