FIA European Drag Racing Championship


Best appearing team award presented by Classic Graphix

Swedish Pro Stock driver Magnus Petersson and his team was selected as Best appearing FIA team at Santa Pod Raceway during the FIA Main Event May 22-25th.

The award is presented by US based supplier Classic Graphix to one FIA championship team at each of the six events included in the 2015 race calendar. Speedgroup handle the Best appearing team program and asked the crew Andy Rogers and Simon Groves to be in charge of the (not so easy) decision.

Magnus and crew are indeed worthy winners and the photo speaks for itself.

photo by Lena Perés


Follow the action at Santa Pod on web TV!

Dave Wilson – FIA Top Methanol Dragster

– free to view Live Web Broadcast from the Main Event

The free broadcast featuring multi camera coverage will commence on Sunday 24th May 2015 and follow the qualifying and eliminations all the way through to the finals on Monday 25th May live.

On friday (sportsman classes qualifications) and Saturday which is the first day of qualifications a single webcam broadcast is available to watch at this page:

Top Methanol Funny Car – Main Event Preview

Leif Andreasson

It looked like there would only be three Top Methanol Funny Cars at the opening round at Santa Pod, but a late entry from Leif Andreasson from Sweden was a welcome addition. Last years runner up in the championship plans to go the full FIA tour of six event. Andreasson expresses that he has a lot of respect for the Lindberg Bros and what they have achieved in the US and Europe.  Leif stresses that first over the finish line is what will count. And it will be no easy game for any of the competitors.. Continue reading

Top Methanol Dragster – Main Event Preview

Timo and Dennis Habermann

Werner Habermann Racing is back for an almost full tour and wants to win a championship. Brothers Timo and Dennis Habermann plan to run five of the six FIA Championship races. “We will not go to the Tierp race in August. We will run the same cars, with the same crew and the same sponsors, but we can always use some more. We want to win the championship and are looking to run in the 5.1 seconds”, Timo says. Continue reading

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