FIA European Drag Racing Championship

Top Methanol Funny Car – Main Event Preview

Leif Andreasson

It looked like there would only be three Top Methanol Funny Cars at the opening round at Santa Pod, but a late entry from Leif Andreasson from Sweden was a welcome addition. Last years runner up in the championship plans to go the full FIA tour of six event. Andreasson expresses that he has a lot of respect for the Lindberg Bros and what they have achieved in the US and Europe.  Leif stresses that first over the finish line is what will count. And it will be no easy game for any of the competitors..

Belgian racer Danny Bellio will do as many races as possible. There is still no major sponsor and the family run team will have to do everything on their own again. Last season was spoiled by all kind of problems and when the team took the Chevrolet Monte Carlo apart after the European Finals, they found out the car had suffered severe damage. A far too long list of parts had to be replaced. The rear axle, lifters, camshaft, crankshaft, main bearings and only one run used parts of the Lenco, to mention only a few of the never ending list. But very important, they found the reason of last season’s problems, a bent flywheel. The Monte Carlo is ready for the new season and as they say ‘bullet proof’ to run consistent and fast like a few years ago. The hard working and dedicated family team deserves a trouble free season with race wins.

Andreasson near lane in a race against Jürgen Nagel 2014

From Germany, Jürgen Nagel will be at the Main Event, but he will not do all races. Nagel is however a capable contender with capacity of winning runs. At Santa Pod last year his quickest was 5.84 sec but Nagel has a PB in the 5.70´s. So no easy game for anyone in the other lane to face Nagel we are sure.





Stephanie Milam

The same can be said about home favorite Stephanie Milam. Milam set a new personal best at Santa Pod with 5.98 sec in 2014 and so it would be great to see the team repeat and improve on that at Main Event. Team Milam joins part of the championship for 2015.





Missing at Santa Pod is reigning FIA European champion Johan Lindberg. With brother and crewchief Jonnie very successfully racing in America, time is an issue for the Lindberg Bros team. Johan Lindberg will start his title defense at Tierp Arena two weeks later. Missing out one event may show to be crucial for the outcome of the championship. But then again, like someone so wisely pointed out.. It ain´t over til it´s over..

We will see more Scandinavian TMFC drivers start their season at Tierp. Micke Larsson will be back after sitting out last season. The team currently waits for their new PSI blower to arrive and have been assured it will arrive in time. Johnny Oksa from Finland is on the entry list for Tierp as is Ari Pietilä. We are sure the two hungry and capable Finns will spice up the championship even more..

Text by Remco Scheelings & Åsa Kinnemar.
Photos by Remco Scheelings and Lena Perés

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