FIA European Drag Racing Championship

Lena Perés

Pro Modified Review Tierp Internationals

Micke Gullqvist clocked the quickest time in Pro Mod at Tierp Arena

This weekend taught us the sport is very safe, but however anything can happen. And we can also tell that the racers who were involved in the weekend incidents are, under the circumstances, well.

The event started out with very good weather and the forecast promised that this should continue except for some small showers. That wasn’t really the truth. Saturday ended in rain and heavy wind. And Sunday wasn’t much better. Only FIA classes, EDRS Pro motorcycles and Top Doorslammer had one elimination round before the rain ended the event. The track was very good from start, which made it a bit hard with the settings in first round, except for a certain Old 51 –car. Continue reading

Pro Modified – Preview Main Event

Bruno Bader

In the Pro Modified category more than twenty teams have entered the season opening event at Santa Pod. A good mix of teams from seven countries where some will do the full championship and some are in it for a few rounds. A We have caught a few of the teams for an update.

Bruno Bader
, Switzerland tells that he will do the whole FIA Tour this season. He is very confident with the car and has made no big changes since last season. -The car was running fine last season so we only changed the start number and cleaned the windows, states Bader.

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