FIA European Drag Racing Championship

FIA European Sub Committee meeting briefing

The FIA European Sub Committee for the FIA European Drag Racing Championship had the annual FIA Drag Racing Commission meeting in Denver, USA on the 22nd-23rd of July.

Lars Pettersson, Vice President tells;  -We worked on the FIA rules for the 2016 season, we have received ideas and proposals from teams and officials from the FIA Championship and also from NHRA and the ASN/Federations in the Commission. We evaluated all proposals and made changes and took decisions for 2016 and the changes will be published at the end of the year after the FIA WMSC have ratified them.

We had a long and productive discussion about the 2015 and 16 FIA European Championships. One of the outcomes was that the FIA will help to raise the standards of how a new or temporary track is prepared before the event. The event organizers will report about the preparation work before the event and the FIA Race Director will overlook the work. Another items that was agreed was the travelling compensation has been adjusted for 2016 and we hope that this helps the teams to travel more in the Championship and there will be more teams at the events.

At the meeting we came to learn that the future of drag racing looks very good around the world based on the report given by all members of the Commission. At the meeting we had Commissions members from Bahrain, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, Ukraine and the USA.

We take this opportunity to thank NHRA, ACCUS and John Bandimere and his family and staff at Bandimere Speedway for their hospitality and all the excellent arrangements to make us feel welcomed in the meeting and afterwards at the Mopar Mile High Nationals, ended Lars Pettersson Vice President on behalf of the members in the FIA Drag Racing Commission.

Speedgroup is administrator for the FIA European Drag Racing Championship

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