FIA European Drag Racing Championship

The NitrOlympX kicks off part two of the 2015 FIA European Drag Racing Championship

The 2014 NitrOlympX Top Fuel final

The 2015 FIA European Drag Racing Championship is halfway through the season and part two kicks off with the NitrOlympX at Hockenheim. The special atmosphere of the HockenheimRing, Motodrome and the Rico Anthes Quartermile, the action packed Nightshow, it all makes the German round of the FIA European Championship to a very special event. But even more important, the NitrOlympX is the start of the second half of the season, and with three races in one month, it’s the busiest part of the year. Gaining points at Hockenheim is important to stay in the championship race, to catch up with the leaders, or increase the lead. 

Three rounds done and three to go in 2015, and it all starts with the NitrOlympX. In Top Fuel reigning FIA European champion Micke Kågered is back in the lead after his surprising win at Alastaro. And don’t forget who was the Top Fuel winner of last year’s NitrOlympX, yes indeed, that was Kågered, who defeated Noah Stutz in the final. So the Bahco Express team will travel to Germany full of confidence and with one goal; to increase the lead before they go back to Sweden for the Tierp race.

Micke Kågered

But also in Germany, and only two points short of the lead, is the very popular Anita Mäkelä, winner of the first race of the year at Santa Pod. The Finnish team will be out for revenge after the first round exit at their home track Alastaro.

Anita Mäkelä

But number three in the championship, Stig Neergaard, is only 14 points behind Mäkelä, and that’s less than the points for a round win in eliminations. After a runner-up position at Santa Pod and a semi-final finish at Alastaro, the Dane finally wants to win this season, and why couldn’t that be at Hockenheim?

Jari Halinen

Rune Fjeld Motorsport teammates Jari Halinen, Liam Jones and Duncan Micallef are the numbers four, five and six in the championship. To come back in the championship race all three will have to win at Hockenheim. All three showed their speed in at least one of the three races, so they all can surprise and take the win.

Urs Erbacher

And what’s the NitrOlympX without Urs Erbacher? After skipping the Alastaro race, the Swiss multiple FIA European champion is back again at his ‘home track’. Erbacher will be supported by many Swiss fans and sponsors, and will try to make his race weekend to one big party. With seven competitors, qualifying is not an issue at Hockenheim, but with seven drivers from the top eight in the championship, competition will still be tough.

Jndia Erbacher

A lot of attention will go out to the Top Fuel debut of Jndia Erbacher, daughter of Urs Erbacher. As she has no Top Fuel license,  she will not take part in the FIA competition, but it will be very interesting to see her make her first runs in a Top Fuel car.

Mats Eriksson

Pro Modified

Pro Modified has fourteen entries at the moment. As usual for the German round of the FIA European Championship, not only the regular championship contenders on the entry list, but also many competitors from central Europe, racers who can’t do the whole tour. Leading the championship is Mats Eriksson from Sweden, but after his runner-up finish at Alastaro Bruno Bader is only 27 points behind. For the Swiss driver the NitrOlympX is his home race, and as Bader already shown so many times, he can be fast at all kind of tracks and under all conditions. Will Bader be the new leader after the NitrOlympX eliminations?

Bruno Bader

Number three in the championship is Tero Laukkanen, but the Finnish turbo Mustang driver is not on the entry list in Germany. That opens the door for number four Michael Gullqvist. The Swedish multiple Pro Mod champion needs a win, as he is already 77 points behind leader Eriksson. With three races to go everything is still possible, but Gullqvist can’t afford another first round exit like he had at Alastaro.

Robert Joosten and David Vegter

David Vegter and Robert Joosten from Holland are the other two drivers from the top ten of the championship (seventh and ninth). With his stunning brand new ’71 Plymouth Barracuda Joosten is improving every race, and although the Pro Dutch Racing team might still need a few more runs to find the perfect set-up, one thing is for sure, the moment they have it, the Cuda and Joosten can be a winning combination. Vegter had some problems with finding the right set-up after switching from the traditional clutch to a converter. At Alastaro the Vegter Pro Mod Racing team made major progress and can surprise, as they already did so many times in the last few years.

Norbert Kuno

The German round of the FIA European Championship always attracts many German and Swiss Pro Mod racers, and this year’s edition is no exception. From Germany of course regular championship contender Norbert Kuno, and Marco Maurischat, who made his comeback at the Main Event. But after a one year Pro Mod break Norbert Schneider is also back at Hockenheim.

Marcus Hilt

From Switzerland we see of course Marcus Hilt, who was so strong at the Main Event, Peter Wacker, who made his comeback to the sport in England, Thomas Stiefel who had such an unlucky Pro Mod debut at the Main Event, and Roland Bolleter. Including Bader that makes five Swiss drivers in the 14-car field. From France regular Hockenheim and Santa Pod contender Jean Dulamon is of course on the entry list, and last but not least Håkan Persson from Sweden with the Dodge Viper. A strong and close field with many favorites and outsiders, and as usual in Pro Mod, anything is possible.

Timo and Dennis Habermann

Top Methanol

It’s sorry to see that, with one week to go, the Top Methanol classes are still lacking some entries. In Top Methanol Dragster of course Timo and Dennis Habermann will do everything they can to win their home race. At Santa Pod the team had some problems, but for sure the two brothers will be back, even stronger than before. Jonny Lagg, the number two in the championship behind leader and Main Event winner Dave Wilson, is the only other entry in TMD. The Swede has the difficult task to prevent an all Habermann final.

Jürgen Nagel

Jürgen Nagel from Germany is currently the only entry on the Top Methanol Funny Car entry list. But we know reigning champion Johan Lindberg and championship leader Leif Andreasson will also be at Hockenheim. Johnny Oksa and Ari Pietilä skip the German race, Danny Bellio is still recovering from the bad luck he had at the Main Event test day, while Mikael Larsson hopes to be back at Tierp after his nasty crash at the same track in June. As already announced months ago, Pro Stock will not be racing at Hockenheim. Let’s hope we see the factory hot rods back at the Rico Anthes Quartermile next year.

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