FIA European Drag Racing Championship

FHRA Nitro Nationals – Preview Pro Modified

Mats Eriksson with his two sons, who are both part of the crew

Preview FHRA Nitro Nationals July 2-5th – FIA European Drag Racing Championship round #3

FIA Pro Modified

Last year we saw 9 entries in Pro Mod at Alastaro and Mattias Wulcan as winner. This time things will be different for sure. To start with Wulcan had an incident and smashed the car into the barrier at Tierp in June. He also hurt his ribs and will not be competing at Alastaro. Runner-up from last year Roger Johansson is entered and he is currently 5th in the championship points rankings. In championship lead a driver who has been successful at Alastaro before, Mats Eriksson with the Green Goblin Crown Victoria and Eriksson will be racing at Alastaro.

The entry list shows 15 names, which is the most I can recall having seen at Alastaro. One reason the number of Swedes have increased is that the Nitro Nationals also counts as a round in the EDRS European Drag Racing Series, where a total of four events are included for the Pro Mod teams, three in Sweden and the one at Alastaro. The result is we will see a number of Swedish teams who race in Finland for the first time.

Anders Nilsson

Drivers like Anders Nilsson who makes his third season in the class set a new personal best with 6.09 sec recently at Tierp.  Johan Westberg has been in the Pro Mod class long but also drivers Per Granqvist , Håkan Persson and Åke Persson who have entered the class the latest years.

Robert Joosten

Swede Andreas Arthursson has taken the step from EDRS Top Doorslammer into Pro Mod this season, while others are skilled FIA championship Pro Mod racers; Robert Joosten which runs his new car for the second event, David Vegter and Bruno Bader, the latter has the longest distance to get to Finland from Switzerland. Three Finnish drivers; Tero Laukkanen who is currently second in the points rankings is accompanied by Markko Lantto and Jari Parén. Drivers who we would expect to find on the entry list for Nitro Nationals.

Tero Laukkanen

Laukkanen is also one of the “5 second club” drivers with a PB of 5.95 sec and the recent 6.05 from Tierp indicates the team has things in order.

Europe´s quickest Michael Gullqvist has so far not had Alastaro as a lucky track. Gullqvist and his Camaro can be an outstanding couple under the right circumstances. The 5.83 sec. European record and recent 5 second runs at Tierp are evidence enough. The now one year old surface at the Alastaro drag strip and good preparation may be just what is needed to change the pattern. In the FIA Championship Gullqvist is currently third.

FIA Pro Modified Car (15)
Andreas Arthursson  SWE Chevrolet Chevelle -69
Bruno Bader  SWI Corvette
Mats Eriksson  SWE Ford Crown Victoria -56
Per Granqvist  SWE Plymouth coupe -38
Michael Gullqvist  SWE Chevrolet Camaro
Roger Johansson  SWE Mustang
Robert Joosten  NED Plymouth Barracuda
Tero Laukkanen  FIN Ford Mustang Twin Turbo
Anders Nilsson  SWE Plymouth Cuda
Jari Paren  FIN Chevrolet Corvette-63
Håkan Persson  SWE Dodge Viper
Åke Persson  SWE Chevrolet Camaro -70
David Vegter  NED Chevrolet
Johan Westberg  SWE Chevrolet Camaro -67
Marko Lantto  FIN Cuda -70

Michael Gullqvist

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