FIA European Drag Racing Championship

FHRA Nitro Nationals – Preview Pro Stock Car

Championship leader Jimmy Ålund

Preview FHRA Nitro Nationals July 2-5th – FIA European Drag Racing Championship round #3

FIA Pro Stock Car

In points lead before Nitro Nationals, Jimmy Ålund who is after his 10th championship title. The capacity from Ålunds car has so far been in a class of its own and European records have been set by Ålund and crew at both championship rounds this season. An impressive ET of 5.498 is the most recent one.

Thomas Lindström

Thomas Lindström, whos is ranked second set a new PB at 6.56 at Tierp Arena. With drivers like Michael Malmgren and Magnus Petersson in the field nothing can be taken for granted.  Their proven capacity is in the region of the low 6.6 sec range, which can be enough to win rounds any time.

Michael Malmgren

Finland´s Richard Nixxon Sundblom makes the first championship appearance for the season, while Sampsa Palos was also part of the competition at Tierp Arena Sweden in June. ET: s around 6.70 should be expected from these two and possibly also lower numbers.

A new driver in the class who makes his first FIA Championship appearance at Alastaro is Hannu Kalliomäki from Finland. Swedes Ericsson and Ljungdahl do part of the championship and are entered at Alastaro. Ljungdahl in the ex-Malmgren car is still on a learning curve and we think a new personal best beating the current 8.50 sec will not be farfetched at Alastaro. Jan Ericsson has been running in the 6.70´s before, numbers which can be enough to pass the first round of eliminations at least without doubt.

Simon Gustafsson

Youngest in the class Simon Gustafsson, 25, the driver of the Samantha Racing Pro Stock Car is by now established and well accustomed to the class and the car. It will be interesting to see if Simon´s fresh 6.74 sec PB from Tierp can be repeated and beaten again at Alastaro. Tight and fast racing is more or less granted from this class. However every track provides new challenges for all teams and drivers, including champion Ålund.

FIA Pro Stock Car (10)
Jan Ericsson  SWE Pontiac Grand Am
Simon Gustafsson  SWE Dodge Avenger
Hannu Kalliomäki  FIN Pontiac GXP
Thomas Lindström  SWE Dodge Stratus
Bengt Ljungdahl  SWE Pontiac GTO
Michael Malmgren  SWE Pontiac
Sampsa Palos  FIN Chevrolet Cobalt
Magnus Petersson  SWE GTO 2006
Richard  Sundblom  FIN Chevrolet Cobalt
Jimmy Ålund  SWE Chevrolet Camaro

Magnus Petersson and crew – awarded as best appearing team at Santa Pod in May by Classic Graphix

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