FIA European Drag Racing Championship

Wins and European records for Anita Mäkelä and Jimmy Alund at Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway

Anita Mäkelä finished off a record-setting weekend at Santa Pod Raceway by claiming a victory over Stig Neergaard in the Top Fuel final. Jimmy Alund was winner in Pro Stock at the Main Event and reset both ends of the European class record. Mats Eriksson (Pro Modified), Leif Andreasson (Top Methanol Funny Car) and Dave Wilson (Top Methanol Dragster) also were winners of the first round of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship. 

Cool air and prefect track conditions at Santa Pod Raceway during eliminations for the Main Event, the first round of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship.

Anita Mäkelä

Top Fuel

In Top Fuel, number one qualifier Anita Mäkelä from Finland, was extremely fast on race day too. In 3.91 and 3.92 second runs, Mäkelä outran local hero Tethys (first round) and Jari Halinen (semi-final) and reset the European record to 3.912 seconds. In the final Mäkelä had to face Stig Neergaard. The Dane reached the final by defeating Top Fuel rookie Birgitte Bremnes from Norway and Micke Kågered from Sweden.

Anita Mäkelä

The final was decided before the light turned green as Neergaard was stopped by mechanical problems. But that was no reason for Mäkelä to cruise to victory. In 3.98 seconds the Dom Lagana tuned dragster stormed to the third 3 second pass of the day. A well deserved win for the Finnish team.

Jimmy Alund and Thomas Lindström

Pro Stock

More stunning European records in Pro Stock. In the first round of eliminations Jimmy Alund reset his two days old record to an impressive 6.499 seconds at 215.00 mph, the first ever 6.4 in Europe. The Swedish reigning FIA European Pro Stock champion is even close to the American records now.

Jimmy Alund

In the semi-final Alund defeated Michael Malmgren, to face Thomas Lindström in the final. The Dodge driver advanced to the final in a new personal best of 6.562 seconds. But in the finals it was all Alund again, as his Camaro stormed to 6.51 seconds to take the win light.

Mats Eriksson and Tero Laukkanen

Pro Modified

Pro Modified was a close fight at Santa Pod Raceway. Matts Eriksson claimed the first victory of the season by clocking a 5.99 seconds to race past Tero Laukkanen who had problems at the start line. Eriksson, from Sweden reached the final by defeating Andy Wright, David Vegter and Bruno Bader with a string of 5.9 second passes. Tero Laukkanen held off Rick Garrett and Kev Slyfield in the first round and quarter final. In the semi-final the Finn had to face multiple champion and number one qualifier Michael Gullqvist. Laukkanen had a far better start and took the win light in a great 6.04 seconds.

Leif Andreasson and Jürgen Nagel

Top Methanol Dragster

In Top Methanol Dragster Dennis Habermann took an upset win over brother and number one qualifier Timo Habermann to reach the final. There the German racer had to face Dave Wilson from England. And another big upset as Dennis Habermann red lit, handing the win to veteran racer Wilson.

Dennis Habermann and Dave Wilson

Top Methanol Funny Car

In Top Methanol Funny Car Leif Andreasson was on a class of his own. After a bye-run in the semi-final the Swede had to face Jürgen Nagel in the final. As he had been all weekend, Andreasson was too fast for the German and took the win light in 5.70 seconds.

The second round of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship will be in two weeks at Tierp Arena in Sweden.

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