Top Methanol Funny Car

TMFC debut for Sandro Bellio at The Main Event

There is bad news and good news from Danny’s Racing Team, the Belgian Top Methanol Funny Car team that take part in the FIA European Drag Racing Championship. The bad news is that Danny Bellio is unable to drive the family’s Chevrolet Monte Carlo at next week’s Main Event. But the good news is that the team will be at Santa Pod Raceway and a replacement driver was found not far away from home. Danny’s son Sandro Bellio will make his TMFC debut next week and if everything goes according to plan, he will compete in almost all rounds of the 2017 FIA European Top Methanol Championship. Continue reading

Danny Bellio is back in business

After a one season break and a season he wants to forget as soon as possible, Danny Bellio will be back on track in 2017 and Danny’s Racing Team will compete in almost all rounds of the FIA European Top Methanol Championship. And for those who might have thought the Belgian family finally took some time to relax over the last two years, they don’t really know the Bellios, as besides their already extremely busy garage and shop Danny Cars, they started Dyno Unlimited, a test facility for engines up to 4,000 bhp. Continue reading

Johnny Oksa’s dream season


Johnny Oksa started the 2016 season with the main goal of winning his first ever Top Methanol Funny Car race, and ended the season with three wins and the FIA European Championship title! A dream season for the Finn and his team, as they did everything on their own and in their own way! Continue reading

Rain beats unstoppable Johnny Oksa at his home track


Johnny Oksa

Johnny Oksa reset his personal best in qualifying at Alastaro to a great 5.66 seconds at 407.54 km/h and was on his way to his second consecutive victory in the FIA European Top Methanol Funny Car Championship. But as he already said at Tierp, ‘only rain can stop me from winning’ , and that’s exactly what happened at his home track, and so Oksa’s FHRA Nitro Nationals ended in the semi-finals.  Continue reading

Johnny Oksa takes his first ever FIA Top Methanol Funny Car win in style


Johnny Oksa had already come close a few times, but at the Tierp Internationals nobody could stop the Finn from winning his first ever FIA European Championship Top Methanol Funny Car race. Oksa did it in style with a number one qualifying position and low ET of the meeting. That he didn’t meet any competition in eliminations, was not his fault, as all his opponents ran into problems, while the Finn stayed out of trouble.  Continue reading

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