FIA European Drag Racing Championship

Linn Fløysvik ready and loaded for another full season

Placing third last year, Linn Fløysvik had her best finish in the FIA European Top Methanol Championship so far. The young driver from Norway will be back for her second full championship tour this season and wants to carry on from where she left off last season, but the Karlsen Motorsport team will be hoping for less of a fiery start this season.

She is an ever smiling, friendly and adorable lady in the pits, but a tough, fearless competitor when she is behind the wheel of her Ford Mustang Top Methanol Funny Car. Linn Fløysvik immediately impressed with her car control and driving style when she made her debut in the Top Methanol Funny Car, one of the most difficult cars to drive in drag racing. After the licensing runs the year before, Fløysvik made her entrance in the FIA European Top Methanol Championship in 2017.

Last year the Karlsen Motorsport team planned their first full season in the championship. After making some test runs at their home track Gardermoen in May, Fløysvik wanted to be well prepared for the start of the FIA season at Santa Pod. But things didn’t work out that way. A big fire caused a lot of damage to the car and the team had to work around the clock to be ready in time to leave for England. The crew had to finish the Mustang in the pits at Santa Pod while waiting for the last parts to arrive. They got the job done and were rewarded as Fløysvik finished on the podium.

Although Fløysvik and her team suffered the whole season from the setback at the start of the season, the hard work paid off. They were able to do the full FIA European Championship tour for the first time and Fløysvik finished behind Sandro Bellio and Jonny Lagg in third position in the title race.

After a long winter, where the team have worked hard to be better prepared than ever before, Fløysvik is back for more. “We are aiming for a full season this year as well. During the winter we have found and fixed the issue with the auto-shutoff we struggled with at the finals last year. We have done upgrades to the chassis, rebuilt the engine and spare engine. We took the car completely apart and changed out everything that was damaged during the fire at Gardermoen last year. And we are ready to continue from where we ended the season last year, but without all the issues,” said Linn with her customary smile on her face.

Text and photos: Remco Scheelings

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