FIA European Drag Racing Championship

Micke Kågered, Michael Gullqvist, Dennis Habermann, Leif Andreasson and Thomas Lindström clinch the 2015 FIA European Drag Racing Championship titles

Micke Kågered

The winners took it all in Pro Modified, Top Methanol Dragster and Top Methanol Funny Car at the European Finals at Santa Pod, as Michael Gullqvist, Dennis Habermann and Leif Andreasson not only won the event, but also the FIA European Drag Racing Championship title in their respective categories. In Top Fuel Jari Halinen was the surprising winner of the event, but the title stayed with last years champion Micke Kågered. In Pro Stock Jimmy Alund defeated Thomas Lindström in the final, but with a semi-final win against Michael Malmgren, Lindström had already clinched the 2015 FIA European championship title. With the European Finals, the 2015 FIA European Drag Racing Championship came to an exciting end. 

The European Finals at Santa Pod Raceway was the sixth and final round of the 2015 FIA European Drag Racing Championship. Sunday eliminations were held under perfect sunny conditions, and so the thousands of spectators were offered an action packed and exciting race day.

Micke Kågered

In Top Fuel the championship was decided in the quarter finals. Number one qualifier and runner-up in the championship, Anita Mäkelä was only a few points behind leader and reigning champion Micke Kågered, but in her run against Jari Halinen, Mäkelä suffered engine problems and was defeated by her countryman. As Kågered recorded 4.01 seconds against Stig Neergaard, the Swede not only won his quarter final, but also his second consecutive FIA European Top Fuel title.

Anita Mäkelä

In the semi-finals Kågered defeated Liam Jones and Halinen defeated surprising semi-finalist Stefan Gunnarsson, and so the new crowned champion and Halinen advanced to the final. In the final both drivers had engine problems half track, but it was Halinen who crossed the finish line first to take the win.

Top Fuel final

Halinen’s win was very special as the Finn was ninth qualifier and first alternate and could only take part in eliminations as number eight qualifier, Patrick Pers had engine problems and had to withdraw from eliminations. In the championship Neergaard stayed in the number three position with Top Fuel rookie Jones in fourth.

Semi-final, Michael Gullqvist and Mats Eriksson

In Pro Modified the championship was decided in the semi-final in a race between Mats Eriksson and Michael Gullqvist. Gullqvist was the leader before the European Finals, but with the points from qualifying, Eriksson took over lead. As both title candidates won their first two rounds, they had to race each other in the semi-final, and the winner would also be the new champion. The race was decided at the start line as Eriksson pulled a red light, and so Gullqvist won the title.

The final with champion Michael Gullqvist and Roger Moore

In the final Gullqvist had to face surprising finalist Roger Moore, who had a bye run in the semi-final when Bruno Bader had engine problems just before the run. But in the final it was Gullqvist again who took the win and made his good weekend even more perfect. In the championship Eriksson is runner up, with Bader in third and Tero Laukkanen in fourth position.

The semi-final with Thomas Lindström and Michael Malmgren

In Pro Stock the championship was decided in the semi-finals. Leader Thomas Lindström advanced to the semi-finals, where he defeated Michael Malmgren. With this win even an event win couldn’t help reigning champion Jimmy Alund to retain his title.

The final

As Alund had a bye run in the semi-final, the 2015 and 2014 champions had to race for the event win in the final. Alund got his revenge by defeating Lindström. In the championship multiple champion Alund is runner up, with Michael Malmgren in third position.

Dennis Habermann

In Top Methanol Dragster Dennis Habermann’s quarter final win was enough to win his first FIA European championship. With a bye run in the semi-finals Dennis Habermann advanced to the final, where he had to face Jonny Lagg, who defeated Timo Habermann in the other semi-final.

The final

In the final Dennis Habermann took the win, his third consecutive win of this season and so the German is the well deserved champion. In the championship Timo Habermann ended up in second position, with Lagg in third.

Leif Andreasson

Top Methanol Funny Car was the only category where the championship was already decided in favour of Leif Andreasson. As there were only two competitors left for eliminations, Leif Andreasson and Stephanie Milam had to face each other in the final. As expected Andreasson was a bit too quick for Milam and so the 2015 FIA champion also took the Euro Finals win.

The final

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