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Jonny Lagg and ‘the old gang’ on tour again

Age is only a number and in many circumstances experience can be more valuable than anything else. Jonny Lagg and his team are a good example of that wisdom as they are still both competing in the top of the FIA European Top Methanol Championship and winning races as well. This season Lagg is back on tour again and will once again try to defeat the funny cars with his dragster in the only class in the championship where dragsters and funny cars race together.

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The FIA safety devices set for EDRC introduction

Two new safety devices are to be introduced to the FIA European Drag Racing Championship from the beginning of the series’ 2023 season. The FIA will provide an Impact Data Recorder to every FIA EDRC competitor taking part this year. Launched in 2021, the FIA IDR is a lightweight low-cost electronic impact data recorder developed in collaboration with AiM Technologies.

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Voodoo Hemi Racing are ready to attack

The month of May has arrived again and that means that the FIA European Drag Racing Championship is about to start! For the second consecutive year, Marck Harteveld and his team Voodoo Hemi Racing will participate in every round of this most important title fight in European drag racing. After last season’s fifth place, Harteveld now wants to take the next step. In recent months, the Voodoo Hemi Racing crew have worked hard to be one hundred percent prepared for the start of the season. There is no lack of motivation when the lights turn green for the first time at the end of May when the FIA European Championship kicks off with The Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway.

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Linn Fløysvik ready and loaded for another full season

Placing third last year, Linn Fløysvik had her best finish in the FIA European Top Methanol Championship so far. The young driver from Norway will be back for her second full championship tour this season and wants to carry on from where she left off last season, but the Karlsen Motorsport team will be hoping for less of a fiery start this season.

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Silvio Strauch intends to do his first full FIA European Championship tour

In his third season in the Top Methanol class, Silvio Strauch has the intention to do his maiden full FIA European Championship tour. In both his debut season 2019 in the Top Methanol Dragster, and again in 2022, the German driver and his Engine Ghost Racing Team had to select the races that best fitted their limited time schedule. This season Strauch will try to do all five rounds of the FIA European Top Methanol Championship.

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New body, same goal for Sandro Bellio

Despite a devastating fire at the Summit Racing Equipment Internationals at Tierp Arena, Sandro Bellio claimed his second consecutive FIA European Top Methanol Championship in 2022. The family run Danny’s Racing Team are back with a new Monte Carlo body on the car, but the goal is the same, another European title.

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