Lena Perés

Sjödin Motorsports update for 2023 season

If you want to tell your story about what’s going on in your team, what your plans are for the 2023 season, or something else. Feel free to send us a summary or invite us to your racingshop, so our readers can enjoy your story. We are happy to publish Your plans here at www.edrsdragracing.com. One of those who want to share theirs plans are team Sjödin Motorsport.

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Summit Racing EDRS Series Banquet is over and loads of prices was handed out.

2022 Summit Racing EDRS Series Banquet where loads of prices was handed out to both 2021 and 2022 award winners is now over. Big thank you all who participated in the festivities and a big thank You to our sponsors Summit Racing Equipments, VP Racing Fuel, Bilsport Magazine, Finnlines, and Max 500 production for working with us during the past seasons. We’re now looking forward to continue the colaboration during 2023 season and of course, a great racing season. See you next year everyone!

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