Sundsvall Raceway handing out a great christmas present

In these chilly days we have here in Sweden at the moment, we just received a warming message from SHRA Sundsvall. Even though the cold winter is here and no racing taking place, there is no rest for the crew in SHRA Sundsvall. Göran Svensson, chairman of SHRA Sundsvall, sent us this nice christmas present.

“For the past three years, we’ve felt it’s time to do something about our drag strip. We have had a few different problems with the track, sometimes more and sometimes less. But despite that, Swedish records have been set at Sundsvall Raceway in 2022 and we want more of that in the future.

The board and the drag racing section have been investigating different types of asphalt and concrete after the ending of 2022 season. The decision was made to use asphalt, as concrete would be far too costly.

176 meters of the track is now newly asphalted from the grandstands outwards, with a special asphalt that PEAB developed for us, stronger glue, better bitumen and a maximum of 8 mm stone. Now the newly laid part of the track is as smooth as a hall floor.

So, now we hope all drivers/teams will come and race with us in 2023 and support us in the investment we have made for drag racing Sweden.”

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