Summit Racing EDRS Series Banquet is over and loads of prices was handed out.

2022 Summit Racing EDRS Series Banquet where loads of prices was handed out to both 2021 and 2022 award winners is now over. Big thank you all who participated in the festivities and a big thank You to our sponsors Summit Racing Equipments, VP Racing Fuel, Bilsport Magazine, Finnlines, and Max 500 production for working with us during the past seasons. We’re now looking forward to continue the colaboration during 2023 season and of course, a great racing season. See you next year everyone!

Congratulation to all award winners of both 2021 and 2022, pictures present the award winners who was on site.

Jr Dragster 2022: Anton Oikarinen, Almathea Granholm, Lina Andersson

Jr Dragster 2021: Victor Barstad

Jr Bike 2022: Ole Kristoffer Steen Aas, Jone Sokura

Jr Bike 2022/2021: Teodor Norling, Mikkel Jensen

Super Comp Bike 2022: Peter östlund, Vitali Melnyk

Super Comp Bike 2022: Michael Jensen, Peter Östlund, Emil Östlund

Street Bike 2022: Eppu Pihlajaniemi

Street Bike 2021: Cato Bru

Organizers 2021/2022: (On site) SHRA Skellefteå, NDRG Norway, NDRS MC/Speedgroup, Mosten MC Denmark, SHRA Borås, Night Cruisers Färnäs.

VP Award 2022: Bengt Ljungdahl VP racing Fuel, Award winner Theodor Brandt

FUNN Award: All Jr dragster and Jr bike drivers at the banquet on stage

Super Street 2022/2021: Ulf Axelsson, Åke Törnqvist, Peter Nilsson, Isak Lagg

Super Gas 2022/2021: Christer Uhlin, Annica Larsson, Håkan Mattsson

Super Comp 2022/2021: Stand in for Pontus Garefeldt, Mats Arntzen Wanvik, Mikael Nilsson, Wilma Andersson

Pro ET 2022/2021: John Thidé, Peter Svensson, Fredrik Seth

Super Pro ET 2022/2021: Johanna Granholm, Mikael Nilsson, Isak Lagg, Trine Fossum

Street 2022/2021: Lars Erik Persson, Stand in for Patrik Wickman

Stock/Super Stock 2022/2021: Rick McCann, Theodor Brandt

Pro Street 2022/2021: Rossi Oikarinen, Tommy Abrahamsson, stand in for Birgitta Lindström, stand in for Lars Åke Söderling, Seppo Raussi, Renate Rosén

Top Doorslammer 2022/2021: Kenneth Lingvald, Andreas Sjödin, Stefan Carlsson

Top Doorslammer 2021: Lasse Niskavaara

EDRS Pro Stock/ Super Stock 2022/2021: Rick McCann, stand in for Marcus Svensson, stand in for Thomas Strand, Theodor Brandt

EDRS Pro Competition 2022/2021: Jens Zimmerman, Gideon Liljegren, stand in for Jens Eklund, Niklas Heikkilä, Stefan Winter

EDRS PRo Pro Street2022/2021: Angelica Larsson, Seppo Raussio, Michael Maderer

EDRS Pro Pro Stock 2022: Robin Norén, stand in for Jimmy Ålund, stand in for Richard Sundblom

EDRS Pro Bilsport Pro Modified 2022/2021: Stian Rusånes, Jan Ericsson, Mats Eriksson, Michael Gullqvist

EDRS Pro Top Methanol 2022: Jonny Lagg

EDRS Pro NMC 2022/2021 Super Street Bike: Anders Blanck, stand in for Mathias Bohlin

EDRS Pro NMC 2022 Pro Stock Bike: Fredrik Kirkhoff Schach, Kalle Lyrén

EDRS Pro NMC 2022/2021 Super Twin MC: Stand in for Marko Lanto, Ismo Mäenpää, Julia Wagner, stand in for Greger Johansson

EDRS Pro NMC 2022/2021 Top Fuel MC: Stand in for Thomas Pettersson, Jan Sturla Hegre

FIA Pro Stock 2022: Stefan Ernryd, Michael Malmgren

FIA Pro Modified 2022: Andres Arnover, Jan Ericsson

FIA Top Methanol: Stand in for Linn Engan Fløysvik, Jonny Lagg

FIA Top Fuel Dragster: Stand in for Ida Zetterström, Susanne Callin, Anti Horto

You can see all pict från the festivities in the gallery. Klick the link:

2022 Summit Racing EDRS Series Banquet

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