Top Methanol Dragster

Tindra Christensen to licence TMD with Bryntesson Motorsport

Tindra Christensen, 20, from Klagstorp outside Trelleborg in the south of Sweden, will start her licensing procedure for racing in the Top Methanol class. Tindra most recently comes from the Super Pro ET class in the Summit Racing EDRS Series where she finished fourth in the championship last year. With the help of Bryntesson Motorsport, she will take her licence later this year to be able to drive Top Methanol in the future.

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Tina Høst Nedregård and her remarkable 2023 Top Methanol debut

To say that Tina Høst Nedregård impressed at her championship debut is an understatement. The 34-year old Norwegian finalized her licensing procedure at Gardermoen Raceway to claim the number one qualifying position less than a week later at the Summit Racing Equipment Internationals at Tierp Arena. Maybe even more impressive than the number one qualifying position was the way she controlled the car and the elapsed time. The 5.265 seconds on what was her second official qualifying run, was the third quickest pass in European Top Methanol history! And with a 5.30-second run in the first round of eliminations, she proved that it was no coincidence at all.

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Jonny Lagg and ‘the old gang’ on tour again

Age is only a number and in many circumstances experience can be more valuable than anything else. Jonny Lagg and his team are a good example of that wisdom as they are still both competing in the top of the FIA European Top Methanol Championship and winning races as well. This season Lagg is back on tour again and will once again try to defeat the funny cars with his dragster in the only class in the championship where dragsters and funny cars race together.

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Silvio Strauch intends to do his first full FIA European Championship tour

In his third season in the Top Methanol class, Silvio Strauch has the intention to do his maiden full FIA European Championship tour. In both his debut season 2019 in the Top Methanol Dragster, and again in 2022, the German driver and his Engine Ghost Racing Team had to select the races that best fitted their limited time schedule. This season Strauch will try to do all five rounds of the FIA European Top Methanol Championship.

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Matthew Carabott makes full-time debut in FIA European Championship

Matthew Carabott will make his debut in the FIA European Drag Racing Championship as the driver of the famous Maltese Mr. Whippy Racing Top Methanol Dragster. Carabott, who made his licencing runs last year at Santa Pod Raceway, will get off to a flying start of his career with a full season in competition, as the team have planned to take part in all five rounds of the FIA European Championship. Continue reading

Tony Bryntesson with A-Fuel Team Sweden back to quarter mile racing

Jonny Lagg and Tony Bryntesson

The name Tony Bryntesson will not immediately ring a bell for the latest generation of drag race fans in Europe, but it will for the die-hard fans from the 1980s and 90s. After a career in several categories up to Top Fuel, the Swede made his last quarter mile runs in 1995 before switching to circuit racing and starting his own team in the V8 Thunder Car Series. But as has happened so many times before, the attraction of nitro and the quarter mile came back and thanks to Jonny Lagg, after a 25-year break, Bryntesson will be back in action and again in a nitro car, an A-Fueler in the FIA European Top Methanol Championship. Continue reading

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