Voodoo Hemi Racing are ready to attack

The month of May has arrived again and that means that the FIA European Drag Racing Championship is about to start! For the second consecutive year, Marck Harteveld and his team Voodoo Hemi Racing will participate in every round of this most important title fight in European drag racing. After last season’s fifth place, Harteveld now wants to take the next step. In recent months, the Voodoo Hemi Racing crew have worked hard to be one hundred percent prepared for the start of the season. There is no lack of motivation when the lights turn green for the first time at the end of May when the FIA European Championship kicks off with The Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway.

With a fifth place in the final standings, a runner-up position in the most competitive race of the year at Tierp Arena, and new personal bests of 5.927 seconds at 389.05 km/h, Marck Harteveld and his team Voodoo Hemi Racing had an excellent first full season in the FIA European Pro Modified Championship.

After this success, it’s clear that Harteveld wants more. “In recent months, we worked hard to make the Voodoo Hemi Racing ’70 Plymouth Superbird race ready again. We saved some kilos again to make the car even lighter. There is also a new injector on the blower and we made new exhausts. We are now building the second engine and then all the preliminary work is done. We fired up the car a few times and that went according to plan,” said Harteveld about the last couple of weeks.

A few weeks ago, Voodoo Hemi Racing also had their traditional pre-season team presentation and partner/sponsor day. As every year, there was great interest and the team can look back on a very successful day, which was once again held at Harteveld Autoschade en Restauratie in Wateringen.

With all the preparations done, it’s now time for action, action that as far as Harteveld is concerned can start as soon as possible. The Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway, from the 26th to the 29th of May, is the traditional opening round of the FIA European Championship. However, to be optimally prepared for the title fight, Voodoo Hemi Racing travel to England a week earlier for The Doorslammers, scheduled in the weekend of May 20th and 21st. If the opportunity arises, Harteveld will of course go for a trophy, but the main goal is to make a number of test runs with the ’70 Plymouth Superbird and thus have a good set-up when qualifying starts for The Main Event. Although the tuning is once again in the reliable hands of Joeri Woudenberg and the team now have the necessary experience, there have been so many changes to the engine and car that an extra test weekend is always welcome.

Three weeks after The Main Event, it’s time for the second round of the FIA European Championship at Tierp Arena, Sweden, a track where Harteveld has nice memories of from last year. From mid-August, there will be some busy weeks for Voodoo Hemi Racing. After a second trip to Tierp Arena, there is the home race for the Dutch team with the NitrOlympX at the HockenheimRing two weeks later, another two weeks later followed by The European Finals at Santa Pod, the fifth and final round of the FIA European Championship.

Harteveld is loud and clear about the goals for this year. “Going fast and quick, winning elimination rounds and races. The ultimate goal is of course the title, nothing less than that,” said the determined driver of the Voodoo Hemi Racing ’70 Plymouth Superbird.

Calendar Voodoo Hemi Racing

May 19-21, The Doorslammers, Santa Pod Raceway, England, test

May 26-29, The Main Event, Santa Pod Raceway, England, FIA European Championship

June 15-18, Tierp Arena, Sweden, FIA European Championship

August 10-13, Tierp Arena, Sweden, FIA European Championship

August 25-27, NitrOlympX, HockenheimRing, Germany, FIA European Championship

September 7-10, European Finals, Santa Pod Raceway, England, FIA European Championship

Partners of Voodoo Hemi Racing

Voodoo Hemi Racing are supported by Six-Pack Speedshop, Flexibell Systems, M-Trex IJmuiden Holland BV, Altac Coating Group, Brute Jeeps, Mooi Reclame Werk, G&L Harteveld, Qrien van Vliet, Wiretec Draadproducten, FB Installaties, vd Kruk Waterontharders, Q.D. Automotive, Sunproof and P. Komen Autoherstelwerk.

A special welcome to the new partners of Voodoo Hemi Racing for this season L Harteveld Werkzaamheden, J&B de J, Olsthoorn Bedrijfsvoertuigen and Sunder Scooters.

Text and photos: Remco Scheelings

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