Susanne Callin, Michel Tooren, Jonny Lagg and Jimmy Ålund winners at Hockenheim

Susanne Callin raced to victory in the Top Fuel final of the NitrOlympX, round three of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship at the Rico Anthes Quartermile of the HockenheimRIng. It was the first win for Callin this season. In a close Pro Modified final Michel Tooren claimed the victory over Andres Arnover as a result of a better reaction time.  In Top Methanol Jonny Lagg defeated Sandro Bellio. In Pro Stock it was once again Jimmy Ålund who won the final, but the margin over Stefan Ernryd was only a few hundredths of a second.

Nothing is for sure in drag racing and that was once again proved on eliminations day of the NitrOlympX, round three of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship at the Rico Anthes Quartermile of the HockenheimRing in Germany. In all classes the eliminations were filled with major upsets.

In Top Fuel there was a major surprise in the first round when Ida Zetterström was defeated by number five qualifier Susanne Callin when the RF Motorsport dragster of the Finnish leader in the championship lost traction and broke the blower belt. After a bye run in the semifinal, Callin advanced to the final.

On the other side of the ladder Antti Horto defeated Dennis Nilsson and then had to face number one qualifier Jndia Erbacher in the semifinal. As Horto had recorded 3.95 seconds in the first round, and Erbacher 3.94 seconds, it promised to be an exciting and close semifinal. But the run was decided at the start line as Erbacher immediately lost traction, handing the win to Horto.

The final was an anticlimax of a great race day as Horto was not able to make it to the start of the final after the Finnish RF Motorsport driver suffered severe engine damage in the semifinal run against Erbacher.

In a bye run Callin claimed the win, her first win of the season and her first FIA race win after her comeback in the Top Fuel category.

As expected, the eliminations in Pro Modified were exciting and full of upsets. In the first round number three qualifier Mats Eriksson pulled a red light and was out of competition. David Vegter, the number one qualifier, advanced to the semifinal after defeating Jean Dulamon in the first round and a bye run in the quarter final. There he had to face his Dutch countryman Michel Tooren, the number four qualifier who won a close quarterfinal over Bruno Bader. As Vegter ran into problems, Tooren took the win in a great 6.01 seconds to advance to the final.

In the final Tooren had to face another surprise finalist, Andres Arnover. The number nine qualifier from Estonia surprised Andy Robinson in the first round, improved to a great 5.96 seconds to defeat Marcus Hilt in the quarter final and had a bye run in the semifinal as championship leader Jan Ericsson, the number two qualifier, suffered severe damage to the blower in his run against Marck Harteveld and was not able to start in the semifinal.

In an extremely close final, Tooren crossed the finish line in 6.023 seconds, while Arnover had an ET of 6.020 seconds, but as a result of a better reaction time, Tooren claimed the win, the first victory for the Pro Dutch Racing driver in an FIA races.

In Top Methanol the numbers one and two qualifiers, Sandro Bellio and Jonny Lagg advanced to the final. Bellio defeated Silvio Strauch in the semifinal as the German driver was the surprise winner over Linn Fløysvik in the first round. Lagg had a bye run in the semifinal. In the final Bellio’s Monte Carlo Funny Car drifted to the wall. The reigning champion had to lift and that made it possible for Lagg to come back and claim the win in 5.46 seconds.

In the semifinal of eliminations in Pro Stock there was a major surprise as number two qualifier Michael Malmgren pulled a red light, handing the win and a place in the final to Stefan Ernryd, who had to use his spare engine after he suffered severe damage to his number one engine in qualifying. In the second semifinal Jimmy Ålund improved to 6.63 seconds in his bye run into the final.

In an extremely close race, 6.65 seconds for Ålund and 6.69 seconds for Ernryd, the multiple champion took the win.  

The next and final round of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship is within two weeks, the European Finals at Santa Pod Raceway in England.

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