Plans for Tierp Internationals June 16-19th changed

Tierp Arena has not been able to run any of its European FIA-championships events the past two years due to the pandemic. Meanwhile the venue has been out for sale and several sales processes have been ongoing and still is.

However, both the current owner and current interested parties now make the assessment that there simply isn’t time for getting the organization in place and work done for running the first June event where 20 000 spectators and more than 200 teams were expected.

We truly apologize to the European teams as well as our fantastic visitors that make our European FIA-rounds the festival we all have been missing for so long now.

Official statement Tierp Arena

But this doesn’t mean there will be no racing that weekend at Tierp. There might be a full scale Summit Racing EDRS Series Pro event at the same date. More news will follow soon.

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