Drag Racing Scrutineers Training to align with return of FIA EDRC

On the occasion of this year’s return of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship, the FIA and Sweden’s National Sporting Authority, Svenska Bilsport, are set to host the inaugural training for drag racing scrutineers.

FIA EDRC returning this season for the first time since 2019, in order to bolster positive developments around drag racing, the FIA Drag Racing Commission and Svenska Bilsport are planning a technical seminar for drag racing scrutineers with the aim of hosting the event on the first weekend of May.

Partly funded through the FIA Sports Grant Programme, the event will welcome technical scrutineers from Sweden, Germany, Finland, and the UK and is set to take place at Tierp Arena, known as the long-time host of the country’s FIA EDRC rounds.

“The last couple of years have been particularly challenging for the discipline of drag racing, however, there have been many positive developments behind the scenes, with this training being one of them,” said Lars Pettersson, FIA Drag Racing Commission President.

“Given the nature of the FIA EDRC, accommodating five different classes, each for cars technically vastly different in terms of performance and safety, the scrutineers face a very complex challenge. It is therefore important that they follow the same protocols and use the same technical language regardless of the country. The training will allow us to go through all the procedures and exchange best practices.”

“This is an important step in the process of professionalisation of drag racing. The aim is to have similar initiatives held on a regular basis,” Pettersson concluded.

“For us in Sweden, it is with pride that we can host the FIA grant project to raise the quality and knowledge of the technicians working within FIA EDRC”, said Helena Rapp the Chairman of the Svenska Bilsport Drag Racing Committee.

The exact date and further details of the training will be revealed in due course. For more information contact Luca Midali from the FIA Sport and Touring Cars Department: lmidali@fia.com.

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