Felix from Spain looking for a team!

We got a mail from a very nice young fellow, Felix Hernando Mir from Spain, who is eager to get into drag racing. As the sport is not that big in Spain, he have now reached out to us to get some help.

The dragracing season is around the corner and maybe someone need a new mechanic. And here you have Felix who is a passioned motorsport person and has been hooked to dragracing since childhood, even thu the sport almoast not exist in the Spain. But maybe we can change that and give this guy a chanse. Is there anyone out there who can take him in to their team? He have skills and education when it comes to mechanic jobs and he´is not afraid to dig in. What he does´nt know, he will learn. I hand over to Felix for a personal presentation in his own words. We really hope he will reach his dream and wish him good luck.

“My name is Félix Hernando Mir and I was born in Tarragona, a small coastal city near Barcelona. Since I was a little boy car where my passion and my love for drag racing started the moment I saw my father slot cars. He has an amazing collection of cars but the ones I remember the most where two dragsters he used to have.

As the time went, I started to learn more about dragracing and I was fascinated with the big V8’s and massive tires. By the time of 16 I was in love with this motorsport. When it was time to decide what to do with my future, I knew I wanted to be a car mechanic, and so I did. I studied for a 2-year degree to regular car mechanics in my hometown, but I wasn’t satisfied, I knew I wanted more. And I asked my parents If I could study at Repsol Monlau Technical School, a school dedicated to the training and professionalization of motorsport technicians. There I learned everything about motorsports, from karting to single seaters, we built a rally car, we even got a scholarship, but I was missing something. Drag racing wasn’t even mentioned during the 2 years I was there. I mean it’s logic since in south Europe is not popular, during my time there I went to different teams, mainly Nou Onze, dedicated to classic Porsches, my other big passion, after drag Racing and old American cars.

Nevertheless, throughout my time in school I met a very cool teacher, which happened to be a Nascar engine builder, he thought me everything about small and big blocks, and he even brought me to his house where he had an amazing collection of cars, including a 70 Pro Street Firebird. We both tried to get an internship for me in drag racing here in Europe, because he knew important people in the drag racing world, but unfortunately it was in the United States, and nothing really happened, and it seemed that my dream to become a drag racing mechanic was vanishing at some point.

After being in some teams I realized that motorsports like GT’s and Rally’s wasn’t really my thing, I knew I wanted to be a drag racing mechanic and after ending my period at my school, I decided to go and try something different. I chose to work as a locomotive mechanic, until I left the job and started my journey as a racing mechanic again, because this is what I need to do. It’s such a beautiful job for me, even though it´s a very sacrificing job I don’t care, it’s my passion and I will always do it with all my will and knowledge.

As contacts, I have friends working around Europe like in ELMS SERIES, European TCR, Formula 3, Rallies, GT Open and I still have the support of my school, which is actually a big deal. Also my school was behind GPX, and now they work behind numerous projects like TCE, Karting and even Formula 3.5. But I don’t really know anyone working in drag racing unfortunately, and it’s hard for me to know someone, mainly because here, as I previously mentioned, there’s nothing of drag racing, I keep in touch with my beloved teacher but nothing more. My young age and my desire to work and learn I think it could be helpful to a professional team because I could bring things like optimism, energy, and perspective, affordability, an open mind, adaptability, and of course all my skills about motorsports. While they give me a work where I can just keep getting better and better, I’d say it’s like a mutual relationship, I’m sure of it.

For me money it’s not the main goal, to be completely honest, I just want to make my dream come true and I’m doing whatever it takes to do it.

As finals words I’d like to add, is that I’m not afraid of anything new. I want to see the world and work hard, and I’m not trying to be pretentious, but working on something like this would be my dream. I’m capable to do it right and in a very professional way because I’ve been really lucky to go to a school like Monalu where I’ve learned a lot and met true professionals.

I hope those words are enough to express my admiration for this sport. I hope someone notices me and knows how to value me as a professional.”

Best regards, sincerely Félix Hernando Mir.

Kontact: felixhernandomir@gmail.com

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