Nitro Nationals 2022

In view of the FIA ​​European Championship race for cars, the FHRA board has identified the situation due to the multiplier effects of the Covid pandemic as not having a realistic chance of organizing the race.

The safety barrier work required for the European Championships in the Kauhava track is really demanding in terms of schedule and money. Making the required changes well in advance of the competition is so challenging that we will focus these investments and workload on a later date. We will continue in cooperation with the FIA ​​for the season 2023.

Of course, other important events are planned on the track, and the FHRA board decided that it would be more sensible to advance them from an economic point of view at the moment. Track improvement and repair work has been at a standstill during the pandemic and now is the time to start this work sensibly, simultaneously and on time.

Nitro Nationals 2022 is a full Finnish Championship Series, as well as a Summit Racing EDRS Series race, with additional groups.

The final Race Calendar and Season Invitations will be published during March.


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