Martin-Emiil – youngest dragracingdriver in Europe

As far as we know Martin-Emiil Petterson can be the youngest driver in Europe. He is just 5 1/2 year old and started his licensed last weekend at Gardermoen Raceway.

Gardermoen had great dragracing days last weekend. It was a big need to get the dragracing family back together again. Everyone was happy to get back at the track, at last and there was some great results and racing, of course.

-We had a historical happening this weekend, tells Elend Amundsen. Renate Rosén Skinne and Kjetil Hauge did a side by side run in Pro Street for the first time since the 1990s, A fun happening among many others this weekend.

One of the happiest drivers was problably Martin-Emiil Petterson, who we guess is the youngest dirvers in Europe right now. Just 5 1/2 year he managed to start his Jr Dragster license this weekend. As Gardermoen have the oportunity for children in this age to take a licence in their rental dragster, it´s a big happening and oportunity for the young children geting in to the dragracing family.

Else, there was in total 108 participators gluing rubber at Gardermoen Raceway during the first Summit Racing EDRS Series event of the year in Norway. And the grandstand was filled with as many spectators as was alouded by the restictions. At the moment that meens 500 persons.
We wich you welcome back 5-8 August for the next big event in the Summit Racing EDRS Series at Gardermoen Raceway.

Resultat Spring Nat´s Gardermoen 12-13 Juni

Pro Street Win: Renate Rosén Skinne RU: Fredrik Gravningen

S/SS Win: Andreas Ruud RU: Vidar Jödal

Super Gas Win: Per Eilertsen RU: Bent Arild Ström

Super Comp Win: Elin Aarvik RU: Mats Arntzen Wanvik

JrD Win: Victor Barstad RU: Adrian Bårdevik

PET Win: Svein Bye RU: Geir Leirvik

SPET Win: Madelene Andersen RU: Trine Fossum

JrBike     Win: David Harley Feltstykket RU: Hanna Amundsen

Street Bike Win: Cato Bru RU: Asgeir Hoel

SGB  Win: Trygve Helgerud RU: Jonathan Edwards

SCB Win: Kathrine Wagenius RU: Ellen Ödegaard

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