Get your gears ready for 2021

Great news has reach us at this very moment. Tierp Arena and NDRS Motor Club is together planning for a full drag racing season in 2021.

Tierp Arena and NDRS Motor Club have applied for and intend to hold two FIA European Drag Racing Championship and Summit Racing EDRS Series events in 2021, one in June and one in August.

-Unfortunately, we cannot tell the exact date for the events yet as the current desired dates, from Tierp Arena and other FIA organizers for the second part of the season, are in violation of the calendar rules, says Christopher Hamilton, Tierp Arena. However, we have high hopes that this will be resolved soon. Exact dates for the events will be announced as soon as the official FIA European Drag Racing Championship calendar is confirmed by those concerned. Otherwise, our planning for the 2021 season continues with the hope that we can publish dates as soon as everything is in place.

This give us big hopes for a great next season! So, stay tuned for more information. The FIA schedule is, as said, under progress and when all details are set, more information is to come.

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