Mid Sweden Nats Finals – could finish of the event even as the rain interrupted

Mid Sweden Nats Finals could finish of the event in a very good mood.

Some interruption by rain made the organizer missed out 4 hours on friday and 1,5 hour on Sunday to get the track back in bussines again. But else the event went as it should, very good. No clean ups or any other stops during the weekend, tells Patrick Englund who runns all the machines at the track to keep it up to date. In Summit Racing Super Series Patrik Svensson in Pro ET is the one who goes to Tierp Arena next weekend for the Finals. And in Super Pro ET Super Series Trine Fossum is the one who´s going to fight over the no 1 sport at Tierp Arena and Summit Racing Equipment Internationals 2018. Down below the Winners and Runner Ups is present.

Summit Racing EDRS Series Classes Results:

Class:                    Q1:                                Winners:                   RU:

Comp:                      Daniel Jedborn            Mathias Stenström     Daniel Jedborn

JrB:                          Tryggve Kjaerstad        Hugo Lagerlöf             Dennis Adsell

JrD:                          Nina Björnsson            Pontus Söderlund       Victor Heleander

Pro ET:                    Jonas Larsson               Patrik Svensson          Ida Söderman

Super Pro ET:        Trine Fossum                Trine Fossum              Tommy Abrahamsson

Pro Street:              Peter Nordlund              Lars Berglund            Ulrik Lundström

Super Pro Street:  Kenneth Lingvall           Kenneth Lingvall

S/SS:                       Lars Nyberg                     Lars Johansson          Lars Björklund

Street:                     Jörgen Holmgren           Rolf Berglund             Jörgen Holmgren

Super Comp:          Elin Aarvik                        Elin Aarvik                Pontus Garefelt

Super Comp Bike: Peter Svensson                Tomas Jonsson          Ulf Fridolfsson

Super Gas:               Mats Karlsson                 Håkan Mattsson        Annica Larsson

Super Gas Bike:     Marcus Forsberg             Marcus Forsberg

Super Street:          Uffe Lundgren                 Uffe Lundgren            Christer Gustafsson

Super Street Bike: Anders Blanck                 Anders Blanck             Micke Öhlén

Pro ET Super Series winner Patrik Svensson

Super Pro ET Super Series winner Trine Fossum,also winner of the event. RU Tommy Abrahamsson.

Competition Winner Mathias Stenström, Runner Up Daniel Jedborn.

Junior Drag Bike Winner Hugo Lagerlöf, Runner Up Dennis Adsell

Jr Dragster Winner Pontus Söderlund Runner Up Victor Heleander

 Pro ET Winner Patrik Svensson, Runner Up  Ida Söderman

Super Pro ET Winner  Trine Fossum, Runner Up Tommy Abrahamsson

Pro Street Winner  Lars Berglund  Runner Up Ulrik Lundström

Stock/Super Stock Winner Lars Johansson, Runner Up Lars Björklund

Super Pro Street Winner Kenneth Lingvall

Street Winner Rolf Berglund, Runner Up Jörgen Holmgren

Super Comp Winner Elin Aarvik,  Runner Up Pontus Garefelt

Super Comp Bike Winner Tomas Jonsson Runner Up Ulf Fridolfsson

Super Gas Winner Håkan Mattsson, Runner Up Annica Larsson

Super Comp Bike Winner Marcus Forsberg Runner Up Johan Ekeström

Super Street Winner Uffe Lundgren, Runner Up Christer Gustafsson

Super Street Bike Winner Anders Blanck, Runner Up Micke Öhlén

Results: www.dragracing.eu/results

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