A new-start at Sundvall Raceway gave a lot of personal best

Sundsvall’s Raceways, event number 1 this season, a sunny and pleasant event with lots of qualification rounds and a smooth and good flow over the booth days.

136 teams came to the Summit Racing EDRS Event at Sundsvall Raceway and had a great time at the track. The news this year is that Kjell Pettersson prepare the track and he is doing a great job. The track was in such conditions that many personal bests were produced in several classes. Next event at Sundsvall Raceway is 10th to 12th of august.

Summit Racing EDRS Series Classes Results:

Class:                           Q1:                                  Winners:                              RU:

Top Doorslammer        Anne-Britt Nilssen         Stefan Carlsson                     Tony Johansson

Competition                 Jens Eklund                     Jens Eklund                            Mathias Stenström

Stock/Super Stock       Anders Eriksson            Anders Eriksson                     Per Fagerström

Super Pro Street          Bent Thyr                        Kenneth Lingvall                   Tord Norberg

Pro Street                     Christian Hedman          Lars Berglund                        Mats Åkelund

Street                            Marcus Gustafsson          Marcus Gustafsson               Terje Sæterhaug

Super Comp                 Mikael Nilsson                 Elin Aarvik                              Matilda S-Andersson

Super Gas                     Håkan Mattsson              Håkan Mattsson                    Christer Uhlin

Super Street                 Isak Lagg                           Isak Lagg                                Uffe Lundgren

Jr Dragster                    Celina Hanssen               Wilma Andersson                Fanny Andersson

Super Pro ET                Karl Leo Norum              Kenneth Lingvald                Tord Norberg

Pro ET                           Frode Halvei                     Peter Häggström                  Linnéa Malmberg

Super Street Bike        Dag Wagenius                  Niclas Severin

Super Comp Bike         Emil Östlund                   Emil Östlund                          Tomas Jonsson

Super Gas Bike             Johan Ekström                Niclas Sedergren                  Camilla Skålvik

Jr Drag Bike                  Dennis Adsell                  Tryggve Kjörstad                   Anna Rosander


Top Doorslammer  Stefan Carlsson  

Competition  Jens Eklund 

Stock/Super Stock Anders Eriksson

Super Pro Street  Kenneth Lingvall

Pro Street Lars Berglund

Street Marcus Gustafsson

Super Comp Elin Aarvik

Super Gas Håkan Mattsson

Super Street Isak Lagg

Jr Dragster  Wilma Andersson

Super Pro ET Kenneth Lingvald

Pro ET Peter Häggström

Super Street Bike Niclas Severin

Super Comp Bike Emil Östlun

Super Gas Bike Niclas Sedergrend

Jr Drag Bike  Tryggve Kjörstad

Photo cred: Elisabeth Jonsson Viklund

Results: www.dragracing.eu/results

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