Auto Verdi extend Speedgroup contingency partnership for 2018

Made in Sweden and winning all over the world, that’s a fact for Auto Verdi connecting rods and oil pumps! But the Swedish high tech company never forgot their origin and will once again be a Speedgroup contingency partner for the 2018 season with the two products they are so famous for.

Auto Verdi were founded in 1988 by Stefan Verdi and originally only fabricated connecting rods for racing. In 1996, Steen Skodborg joined the company as co-owner and head engineer, and Auto Verdi expanded the production line to include dry sump oil pumps. The first major championship win using the Auto Verdi oil pump came in 1998 with Paul Gentilozzi in the Trans-Am series. Other great championship titles include consecutive wins in NHRA Pro Stock since 2002 and multiple NASCAR titles. “We are of course very proud of being so successful on four continents. We work with leading teams in the USA, like Hendrick Motorsports, Childress/ECR Racing Engines, Roush & Yates Racing Engines, Ken Black Racing and Gray Motorsports, but also closer to our shop, Jimmy Ålund,” said Stefan Verdi, CEO of Auto Verdi AB. Auto Verdi oil pumps are the most successful oil pumps in modern NASCAR history, and that’s quite an achievement.








Research, developing and manufacturing of all Auto Verdi products is located in the district of Dalarna, Sweden, with local sales and service partners in different countries around the world. “Auto Verdi forged H-profile connecting rods are fabricated in any length and bearing/pin size to meet our customers specific size requirement. We have our own forging workshop to create oversized work pieces from the highest quality Swedish Chrome Nickel Molybdenum steel. It’s then machined with the latest CNC machine technology before being magnafluxed, Rockwell tested, shot-peened and equipped with the best ARP bolts. Our products are used in all forms of motorsport, from NHRA Pro Stock to outboard F1 marine.”

Auto Verdi are also famous for their oil pumps. “Our dry sump oil pumps offer more than just enough oil flow and pressure to a race engine. With lower internal friction losses, they take less power away. Dyno tests have proven gains of 3 up to 6 bhp. Our oil pumps are based on a modular system that allows us to custom-build a pump to every engine oil flow and vacuum needs. Housings and scavenge rotors are made of a very rigid high quality aircraft aluminium alloy, while pressure gears are made of the same quality steel as transmission gears. Auto Verdi oil pumps have been proven in NASCAR to stand many 500 mile races without rebuilds. The rigid construction of our oil pumps make them very durable in any kind of racing,” said Verdi about their second world famous product.

Like last year, Auto Verdi will be a Speedgroup contingency partner for the 2018 season. The Swedish company will join the contingency program with their connecting rods and oil pumps for the car class Pro Modified. “We developed an oil pump for Hemi engines. It’s very special and very successful. With the contingency program we will try to promote it even more and try to get some extra attention for it.”


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