New Voodoo Hemi Racing ’70 Plymouth Superbird unveiled


If there has ever been a Superbird with the right to carry that name with pride, then it is the Voodoo Hemi Racing 1970 Plymouth Superbird that was unveiled Saturday evening in Wateringen, The Netherlands. When the curtain was pulled back and the smoke disappeared, a loud round of applause arose from the audience for Marck Harteveld’s spectacular, 3,000 bhp Pro Modified car for the 2017 MSA British and FIA European Pro Modified Championship. “The whole team did a fantastic job to get the car ready in just a few months’ time, and the outcome is really fantastic,” said a proud Marck Harteveld about the flashy green/purple painted Superbird.

The presentation of the new Voodoo Hemi Racing ’70 Plymouth Superbird took place at Harteveld Autoschade en Restauratie in Wateringen, The Netherlands. Those who are familiar with the team’s projects know these projects are always special, but once again, when the curtain was pulled back and the smoke disappeared, the audience was surprised by the first glimpse of the stunning new Voodoo Hemi Racing creation. The silver grey Dodge Daytona that rolled into the shop in September last year, was turned into a spectacular and flashy green/purple painted 1970 Plymouth Superbird Pro Mod.

But in addition to the outside of the Superbird, Voodoo Hemi Racing also spent many hours to rebuild and renew the inside of the ex-Pete Farber NHRA Pro Mod. The team made some adjustments to the chassis, welded some parts of it and painted it again, renewed the wiring, and all other parts were inspected, adjusted or renewed when necessary. Although the 526 cubic inch Hemi engine and driveline are from the team’s 2016 Pro Mod, the engine was  stripped, inspected and rebuilt as well.

Last year Marck Harteveld surprised by finishing as rookie of the year in seventh position in his first FIA European Pro Modified Championship season, claiming the runner-up position in the prestigious NitrOlympX and setting stunning personal bests with 6.12 seconds at 231 mph (372 km/h). “With the same 3,000 bhp we had last year, but a much lighter and 100% Pro Modified built car, we will try to break the 5-second barrier this season,” said Marck Harteveld, combative as ever.

The new Voodoo Hemi Racing ’70 Plymouth Superbird will make its track debut at the Main Event at Santa Pod Raceway, round one of the FIA European Pro Modified Championship. The team plan to do three more races of the MSA British Pro Modified Championship and two more rounds of the FIA European Championship this season. “We wanted to make our first runs at Easter at Santa Pod, but as there are still some parts on their way from the States, we are running out of time and don’t want to take any risks with a new car,” said Marck Harteveld about the hard decision Voodoo Hemi Racing had to make.

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