Hussain Al Shammari back in FIA Pro Mod with his own Camaro

Kuwait’s Hussain Al Shammari got a taste of the FIA European Pro Modified Championship last year and aims for more this season. “We refreshed the engine and make everything ready for the trip to England. We are still looking for sponsorship, but the plan is to do the full FIA European Pro Modified Championship,” said Al Shammari.

Hussain Al Shammari raced a Ford Mustang in Outlaw 10.5 before moving to Pro Mod, campaigning a nitrous-assisted 1970½ Camaro in PDRA in the USA as well as the Arabian Drag Racing League, winning events in Qatar and Bahrain. Last year the man from Kuwait joined Kuno Racing for a few races, driving the team’s second blown-alcohol Avenger. That first attempt tasted for more, and now Al Shammari is back with his own Camaro and will do the full FIA European Championship tour.

“The nitrous Camaro ran 3.9 seconds over the ⅛ mile and should be capable of doing 5.8 seconds over the ¼ mile. We changed many things, solved some chassis problems and the car is going down the track now. We refreshed the engine and now it’s time to make the car ready, so it can be shipped to England for the start of the FIA European Championship at Santa Pod Raceway. We plan to do all rounds of the FIA European Pro Modified Championship. We are still looking for some sponsorship, as it is an expensive operation. I have to say a big thank you to my whole team for their hard work. They made everything ready after the problems we had in the Middle East races. Now everything looks good and the car is working again. Without those friends it would be impossible for me to race at this level. I’m very excited and looking forward to the start of the European season,” said Hussain Al Shammari.

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