Racing and crayfish at Linde Open

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The 33rd Linde Open started very well on Saturday with stunning 6 qualifying rounds. Something every one was satisfied with. The evening continued with the traditional crayfish dinner in the Jr pit. All junior teams get together here and brings the tables in a long row and fill them with crayfish and all other nice stuff there is to eat.

-It is a very nice tradition, says Birgitta Blakstad Poolsaar who participated for the first time in the dinner. We had so much fun during the evening with a lots of laughter.

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Sunday started with some rain, but 11 o’clock elimination began and continued without too much trouble. It happened an incident withSuper Gas driver Tommy Abrahamsson, who crashed badly into the wall. But fortunately he was able to step out of the car safely. He received a medical checkup and was ok.unspecified (58)_BBP540

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Final in Jr. Dragster, which was also a Swedish Champion race and EDRS, was between Jacob Pripp and Madeleine Andersen, who took the win this weekend.

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The finals was up at 17:00 and the awards ceremony was held at 18:00. All were able to pack and be on your way home in a pretty good time.



Classes:                               Q1:                                                Winners:

Super Street:                         Stefan Bengtsson                           Tomas Hägg

Super Pro ET:                       Stefan Jansson                               Björn Hultberg

Super Gas:                             Thonas Hauge                                Annica Larsson

Pro ET:                                   Evelina Ström                                Jan Ljungberg

Jr Dragster:                           Jack Sundström                            Madelen Andersen

Super Comp Bike:                Thomas Nilsson                            Emil Östlund

Super Gas Bike:                    Linnéa Tröjbom Berggren          Magnus Pollack

Jr Bike:                                   Dennis Adsell                                Linus Tröjbom-Berggren

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