Review from the race where the sun never sets


Midnight sun race is over and it was a late night race, as the last final was run at 9 pm on Sunday and the price giving ceremony was held at 10 pm.

-The racing was great, says Birgitta Blakstad Poolsaar who was on site. There were a few clean-ups, among others after a junior dragster, which is very rare. And of course the accident Sunday night between the two TD was a scary moment. But luckily both drivers Anne Britt Nilsen and Jörgen Berg was just bruised and sore, and not serious hurt.

IMG_1431_SC Amanda SjöströmAndersson MickeNilsson_BB540

Amanda Sjöström Andersson winner, Micke Nilsson RU in Super Comp.

There was a lots of girls at the at the podium this time. In Super Comp winner Amanda Sjöström Andersson, Comp Eliminator winner Angelica Bäckman. Jennifer Östergren winner in Junior Dragster and Caroline Strand in TD.

Down below is some of the winner and runner ups of the weekend.

IMG_1403_Comp Angelica Bäckman Per Erik Lindgren_BB540

Angelica Bäckman winner and Per-Eriks Lindgren RU in Competition.


Jan Rhodin winner and Christer Uhlin RU in Super Gas.

IMG_1422_SSSS AndersEriksson BalderPoolsaar_BB540

Lars “Nalle” Ericsson Winner, Theodor Brandt RU in Stock/Super Stock.

IMG_1512_TD _BB540

Caroline Strand winner in TD.



Classes:                                                Q1:                                                         Winners:     

Jr Dragster:                                        Hampus Sundqvist                       Jennifer Östergren

Pro ET:                                                                                                                   Patrik Ohlsson

Super Pro ET:                                                                                                     Hampus Staflund

Super Comp:                                                                                                     Amanda Sjöström Andersson

Super Gas:                                                                                                           Jan Rhodin

Comp Elim:                                       Jeppe Bergdahl                               Angelica Bäckman

Stock/Super Stock:                       Lars Johansson                                Theodor Brandt

Pro Street:                                                                                                          Peter Nordlund

Top Doorslammer:                                                                                        Caroline Strand

Jr Bike:                                                                                                                  Moa Nilsson

Super Comp Bike:                                                                                           Tage Olsson

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