Sunny morning starts the elimination day at Tierp

Solnedgång Tierp

After a rainy weekend the sun is showing its face on elimination day. Saturday was counseled due to the rain.

Thursday one round was able to be run in the EDRS classes. On Friday the organizers did the best of the day, by drying a wet track to race ready at noon. One EDRS round and two FIA was able to be done before 9.30 PM. A fantastic job from the track crew and to the FIA teams that was able to tune the cars fast enough to be out in just short time. Today its going to be a good raceway.

Adam team Green GoblinPro Modified driver Mats Eriksson took the Q1 place in the last round late Friday afternoon at 6,14 sec. But with a broken fuelpump they had to work hard al night to fix the engine. Q1 list of all EDRS classes down below.


Classes:                               Q1:

Pro Modified                      Mats Eriksson

Top Doorslammer             Mats Stefansson

Competition Elimin          Per Erik Lindgren

Stock/Super Stock             Jarmo Grönman

Super Comp                        Maja Udtian

Pro Street                            Jens Petter Lindstöm

Super Gas                            Annica Larsson

Super Street                        Daniel Aggelid

Jr Dragster                          Pontus Garefelt

Super Street Bike               Richard Stubbins

Super Gas Bike                   Janne Koskinen

Super Comp Bike                Peter Svensson




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