Season startup for Green Goblin

PM Mats Eriksson

Last weekend the Goblin team went to Tierp Arena for some testing of the new gears that has been updated on the car. First round out went very well.

– We had agreed that Mats would do a 330 ft run, and if that felt good he would go to the eight, says LG. And so he did. We are very satisfied with the time at 4.00 at the eight mile as it was the first round out for the season. Mats rolled over the finish line at 6.56 sec.

Unfortenaly there wasn’t as many runs as wished but the team is very satisfied anyway.

– We can now sort some problems out before we leave for Main Event, says LG. The engine is now already in pieces and all parts looks good.

LMP_7428_LG Nytt insug_LP540


– We go a new Billet aluminum injector from Micke Janis this season, says LG. Janis also did updated the supercharger so it works well with the new injector.

MMR (Malmö Motorrenovering), who is team one of the Green Goblins sponsors have gone thru the engines and updated them. They have also made service on the clutches and helped out with all necessary parts from US.

Dmitry Dragtimes

– The plan are of course to run the whole season, says LG. And we hope to get a revenge at Michael Gullqvist this season. The new Goblin is under construction but that´s another story. We will not hurry up with that job, he will be ready when his ready. But now we´re heading for Main Event.

IVAN and Ludvig


And Ludvig got to meet the Belaruse European Songcontest artist IVAN who came to the track together with his composer Victor Drobysh. They did a trip to Tierp Arena to meet the Russian dragracing team Dragtimes that was testing their new car they bought from Adam Flamholc.


Our biggest support Vilma Hägglund, who also is a member of the team, increased her membership in the team a little bit more by tagging herself with a Green Goblin tattoo. Supernice Vilma!

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