Father and son Lind future plan – USA racing together

JrD Patrik Lind and dad Micke Lind

Jr Dragster driver Patrik Lind from Borlange, who came third in the Swedish Drag racing Championship and fifth in the EDRS, is keen to get out on the track again. Dad Micke Lind hashelped Patrik with some off season love and attention to the Junior dragster.

– There is not so much of work to do, says Micke. Mostly it is an ordinary service that we have done. This year we´re doing all the Swedish Championship races and if there´s an EDRS race included we hope to pick up some points there to.

JrD Patrik Lind

Micke is also racing, but not in Europe. He keeps a Corvette -71 D/SA Stock/Super Stock car running an index of  11,55 in the USA where he races when he visits.


-I´m very eager to go to the Sports nationals at Bowling Green at the end of May. Then the US Nats of course. Then I want to enter a cool race in November at No Problem Raceway in Louisiana. But we will see what happens, that’s the plan anyway.

Patrik is 17 years old this year and has grown to a very tall young man. Almost too tall for the junior dragster.

JrD Patrik Lind

-It´s going to fit this year and hopefully next year, he says. Then I might come with dad to US and race the Stock/Super Stock car. Dad bought another Corvette -69 that he is going to build in to a A/SA Stock car with index 11,0, so we both can go there now and then to race.


The cars are stationed in Missouri, a central location for all the tracks that interest the father and son racers. A highlight for Micke Lind is that he was the first Swede to race at the NHRA Fall Classic at Indy where he also set a record (at the time) with a 10,53 sec/201,05 Km/h quarter mile and 6,64 sec/161,99 Km/h at the eight.


-When I had backed up the first round I was asked if I wanted to continue the race, recalls Micke. I went straight away to tear down and make a really serious check of the car. I just wanted to get the record at that time. It took about four hours before they were ready and I could fill in the Certificate of performance. I got it mailed signed and ready after some time.


Micke Lind has also his own NCC machinery where he makes his brands of own oil pans. Which give the engine better lubricantion then other oil pans.

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