New Board elected by Speedgroup share holders

Three new persons were voted to be part of the board at the Annual shareholders meeting for Speedgroup Aktiebolag, held in Stockholm on April 23rd.

The shareholders present in person or represented by proxy decided to reelect

Pelle Lindelöw, Sweden
Kjell Pettersson, Sweden
Roger Lyrén, Sweden
Anders Charley Karling, Sweden

A majority of shareholders also expressed support for Lin Granlund, Norway and Emelie Carlswärd, Sweden to be elected as new board members.

As Deputy board members, the meeting reelected Dick Koster, the Netherlands and Mikael Kågered, Sweden.
Mats Eriksson, Borlänge Sweden who was previously a board member, was elected deputy board member.

One new deputy board member was elected; Simo Patoharju from Finland.

The mandate period for the board is approximately one year, the next Annual Shareholders meeting is to be held at the latest in June 2017.

Six regular board meetings per year are to be held and the chairman, currently Pelle Lindelöw, is to be decided at the first board meeting.

Åsa Kinnemar is the CEO since January 2016.

The three new representatives on the Speedgroup Board:

Emelie Carlswärd

Emelie Carlswärd, new board member


Lin Granlund, new board member

Lin Granlund, new board member


Simo Patoharju, new deputy/substitute board member

Simo Patoharju, new deputy board member

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