FIA European Drag Racing Championship

Dennis Habermann doubles up with another win and the title

Dennis Habermann

It was game, set and match for Dennis Habermann at the European Finals. After winning the NitrOlympX and Scandinavian Internationals, a quarter final win at the last race of the season was already enough to secure the FIA European Top Methanol Dragster title, the first one for the young German, after his brother Timo won the championship in 2010. But the youngest son of team owner Werner Habermann took the title in style by winning his third consecutive race of the season, after defeating Jonny Lagg in the final. 

One thing was already almost sure before the start of the European Finals, the surname of the 2015 FIA European Top Methanol Dragster champion would be Habermann. After two wins in a row and defeating his brother Timo twice, Dennis Habermann was the clear leader. But with an early exit of Dennis and a win for Timo, there were still chances for the 2010 European champion.

Timo Habermann


Timo Habermann started qualifying with 5.35 seconds to take the number one position. When Dennis came closer with 5.40 seconds, Timo stormed to a great 5.28 seconds in his fourth run, to stay in the lead and take some extra qualifying points. Dennis was consistent with another 5.40 seconds in his last run, and was number two qualifier.

Dave Wilson

But with 5.41 seconds, Main Event winner Dave Wilson was not far behind. Jonny Lagg was consistent too with three runs in the 5.5 seconds to secure the number four position, with Stefan Gunnarsson, competing in both Top Fuel and Top Methanol Dragster again, in fifth position with 5.73 seconds.

Stefan Gunnarsson


Quarter finals

As the number one qualifier, Timo Habermann had a bye run in the first round. With two Habermann cars in competition, and not much service time between the rounds, Timo made a slow run to advance to the semi-finals. For Dennis Habermann, a first round win was enough to secure the title. Dennis had to face Gunnarsson and in 5.33 seconds the youngest Habermann won his race and the title, to the delight of father Werner.

Werner Habermann

The race between Wilson and Lagg was spectacular. Wilson lost traction almost immediately after the start, but the same happened to Lagg a bit further down track. The Swede went sideways and on two wheels, but saved the car without hitting the wall and took the win.

Semi-final with Jonny Lagg and Timo Habermann


In the semi-finals it was Dennis’s turn to have a bye run and idle to the finish line. In the other semi-final Lagg had to face Timo Habermann, but where everybody expected another (third in a row) all Habermann final, Lagg surprised by defeating the German and advance to the final in 5.44 seconds (with 5.63 seconds for Timo Habermann) .

The final


In the final it was Dennis Habermann again, and in 5.36 seconds the new champion stormed to his third consecutive win, to once again make loud and clear he was the well-deserved 2015 TMD champion. With an unexpected runner-up finish, Lagg was not really disappointed.

Timo and Dennis Habermann


Behind champion Dennis Habermann and runner-up Timo Habermann, Lagg finished in third position, only 19 points short of Timo. So with a win in the final, Lagg would have passed Timo and would have been runner-up in the championship. Wilson ended the championship in fourth position, with Gunnarsson in fifth.

European Finals statistics

Low ET: Timo Habermann, 5.285 seconds

Top speed: Dennis Habermann, 269.85 mph


Link to final qualifying list:

Link to elimination ladder

Link to championship final points standing 2015

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Text: Remco Scheelings

Photos: Remco Scheelings

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