FIA European Drag Racing Championship

FHRA Nitro Nationals – Preview Top Methanol Funny Car

Leif Andreasson

Preview FHRA Nitro Nationals July 2-5th – FIA European Drag Racing Championship round #3

FIA Top Methanol Funny Car

During the recent Tierp Internationals there was a nasty incident where the car of Mikael Larsson got over in the wrong lane and hit Leif Andreassons car. Although both drivers were ok, the damage to the cars was extensive. At this time and as far as we know Andreasson is going get the car race ready in time for Alastaro and Larsson, who is also on the entry list is not.

Johan Lindberg

Last year at Alastaro Johan Lindberg was highest on the podium at Alastaro with Finland´s Johnny Oksa as runner up. Low ET of the event that time Lindberg 5.74 sec. At the Tierp event in June Oksa ran those numbers, while Andreasson and Lindberg clocked 5.6 sec runs. Ari Pietilä´s previous personal best is 5.86. The class is in recession and only a few teams are scheduled to do the full championship (six events in four countries) and teams are scattered geographically with only the Swedes and Finns within reasonable distance to more than their homeland championship event.

Nevertheless, despite the low entry numbers the funny car teams provide a great show. And if the Alastaro track is as good as we anticipate and hope, the competition will not be disappointing. Andreasson in championship lead. And this is a racer who does not give in for anything which not the recent weeks is more than proof of. So reigning champion Johan Lindberg, beware…


FIA Top Methanol Funny Car (5)
Leif Andréasson  SWE Chevrolet Monte Carlo
(Mikael Larsson  SWE Dodge Avenger )
Johan Lindberg  SWE Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Johnny Oksa  FIN Dodge Charger
Ari Pietilä  FIN PANOX Funny Car

Ari Pietilä

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