FIA European Drag Racing Championship

Tierp Internationals – Event full of action

The Tierp Internationals came to an early halt due to a combination of weather conditions and delays late on Sunday afternoon. Before that there had been numerous of new personal bests set and also a new European record. The traction conditions was extremely good and it was a big but positive challenge for the teams to adjust the cars to make the outmost use of it. The event also included some spectacular incidents..

Jimmy Ålund Pro Stock Car

In Pro Stock Car Jimmy Ålund set a new European record during the qualifications. 6.49 sec. and was still in competition when the event was called off. The other semi finalists was Thomas Lindström, Michael Malmgren and Magnus Petersson.

Micke Kågered Top Fuel Dragster photo by Patrik Jacobsson

In Top Fuel Dragster the first round of eliminations was completed and the winning drivers who was to run in the semi finals were; Duncan Micallef 4.52/390, Urs Erbacher 5.28/288, Anita Mäkelä 3.92/474 and Micke Kågered 4.00/456 which was also a new personal best for Micke. But it is going to be Anita Mäkelä who stays in the FIA Championship lead.

Anita Mäkelä – Top Fuel Dragster

Niclas Andersson Pro Modified

In Pro Modified the first round of eliminations in the 16 car ladder was run and the winners moving on to the quarter finals were: Micke Gullqvist 5.84/400, Tero Laukkanen 5.99/397, Anders Nilsson 6.12/374, Roger Johansson 8.23/313, Mats Eriksson 6.12/383 bye run, Bruno Bader 6.04/361 bye run, Robert Joosten 8.95/203, Niclas Andersson 5.93/382 which was also a new personal best.
Mattias Wulcan had an incident during friday colliding with the barrier and was taken to hospital for observation.

Mattias Wulcan – Pro Modified

In Top methanol funny car a final would have been between Johan Lindberg and Johnny Oksa. Funny car drivers Leif Andreasson and Mikael Larsson was involved in an incident sunday when the two cars hit each other before half track. Larsson was brought to hospital for observation, while Andreasson could stay at the track.

Jonny Lagg – Top methanol dragster

In Top methanol dragster, Jonny Lagg was the only qualified driver after Stefan Gunnarsson struggled with technical problems.

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