NDRG is working hard on new Gardemoen racetrack

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After long and hard administration work the activities to rebuild Gardemoen raceway are now at a very high level. When 2016 race season starts the racers are going to find a new surface at the racetrack with new fresh facilities in the plan throughout the season.

The track was originally built by the Germans during WW2 and the first event was a circle race in 1947, but the racetrack was still part of a restricted military area until mid-1990s. In 1983 the American Car Club of Norway arranged a drag racing event and since then it has been several different organizers until early 1990. The owner of the track today is NDRG (Norsk Drag Racing Gardemoen) who are a voluntary organization that took over the area and track in early 2000.


– We have organized about six races per year, says Annelie Olsson who is the president of the organization. All profits from the events go back to the track and area.

In June 2015 the culture Ministry of Norway decided to hand over 10 mill NOK from Norsk Tipping to NDRG which is now being used to update the track and the facilities.

-Today there is in total 16 million NOK that will be used to freshen up the track, showers, WC, other facilities and an extension of the pit area and the return lane, says Annelie. But behind this money lays a huge amount of paperwork stretching back over four years. To get this money we had to give a warranty backed by our own money.

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What have been done up to now is that trees along the track have been taken down, earthworks have been moved, poles have been removed. The asphalt has been removed, but saved, as it´s going to be reused in the pit area and on the return lane, and a litterbox is in progress.

-We had massive support from members who came to the track for a weekend in September to turn down the rail and to do whatever was needed. Over 50 members turned up, says Annelie.

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The spring is not far away now and the asphalt is going to be set and the rail after that in slip forming for 430 meters, and then concrete blocks.

-The track preparation is going to start in June and continue in July, says Annelie. At that time the timing tower should be built as well. The plan is to arrange the first race on the weekend of 3-7 August starting with a Test´n Tune followed by the first EDRS race during the weekend. Arrangements are not quite finalized, but some kind of race is planned. The Grand Opening is planned to be Saturday the 6th. For sure we arrange the Drag Finals 9-11 September.NDRG Banebygg7

The future plans are, with huge effort from the members of NDRG, to repair or replace showers and WC’s and a construct a drifting area and a lot more activities in the area off course.

-In 2017 our plan is to get back to our ordinary races that we use to arrange, says Annelie. What is already clear is that we´re taking in the EDRS-series but more than that is not set yet.

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All work at the track is voluntary and in the NDRG board we find Annelie Olsson, Erlend Amundsen, Frode Hansen, Mona Modahl Eidsvold, Øisten Holmedal, Anette Ravneberg, Erik Jacobsen, Johnny Kristiansen, Trond Høiberget. Speedy is used as fire team and Grue Rescue are in charge of the ambulance and up to 75 volunteers will work during every race.

Sponsors of the club and track is as following: Grefsrud AS, Foliatec, Spiro, Superprint, Akama, Akershus Utleie, KLM Miljø, Øynebråthen AS, Dalen Parkering, and some more not mentioned here.

Photos: NDRG

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