Morrison Racing updates and expands

The no-bar Super Street Bike class promises to be a barnstorming in 2024 with new and returning entries to the FIM-E championship series and the increasing agglomeration of ‘super’ teams very much in evidence. One of these includes current champion Alan Morrison Jnr aiming at a repeat this season.

“Yes, myself, [brother] Ross and Jonny Hines plan on doing the full tour. Jonny’s bike is not a new build but has had some upgrades to try and improve ET” offered Alan before the Main Event.”

Over to Jonny “With the move up to SSB and being one of the biggest riders in the class it’s going to be a tough challenge but with being part of Morrison Racing I have the best support I could possibly have. Pushing the bike harder has uncovered some teething problems at the first 2 rounds of racing this year but they were only ever testing for me.

We go forward into the Main Event coming up with a positive attitude and look forward to running the full FIM championship, although sadly moving up to SSB has resulted in the cowboy boots being hung up for riding in them, whilst the tower do love to remind everyone that there missing.

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Back to Alan “Ross’s bike is a new build for this season, it should be finished just in time for the Main Event. We are very excited to see how Ross goes after a few years of bad luck with various things. I personally have been having a few issues with traction so far this season after our winter upgrades but am hoping we have now got to the bottom of that issue and we can focus on improving. There has been some staggering ETs that have been delivered so far this year by our competitors so I’m predicting this year will be extremely exciting. Myself and Rick [Stubbins – tuner par excellence] are keen on getting back out there at the Main Event and working together see what we can achieve.

Also my daughter Leah [2023 FIM-E Junior Drag Bike Cup champion] has a new build for this year, custom made chassis powered by a Kawasaki 250 ninja engine. Leah has found it difficult moving from her old bike to the new geared bike but has now found some consistency and is feeling more confident heading into the 1st round of the FIM-E Cup. My son Brad has moved onto Leah’s championship winning bike and has adapted just fine. We are all really excited and lucky to be able to come and race again this season.”

The new season promises much, and the Morrison Racing family could well be picking up some more trophies over the course of the year.

FIM-E Main Event takes place at Santa Pod Raceway, England, May 24-27th 2024

Text: Ivan Sansom & Rose Hughes
Photos: Ivan Sansom & Rose Hughes and Remco Scheelings

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