Jndia Erbacher, Sandro Bellio, Andres Arnover and Robin Norén number one qualifiers at Hockenheim

There were numerous improvements on the second day of qualifying for the NitrOlympX at the Rico Anthes Quartermile of the HockenheimRing, round four of the FIA European Drag Racing Championship. Friday leaders Jndia Erbacher (Top Fuel), Sandro Bellio (Top Methanol) and Robin Norén impressed again, improved their ETs and remained in the number one qualifying position. Only the Pro Modified category had a new leader after Saturday qualifying as Andres Arnover recorded a great 5,86 seconds to take over the number one position from reigning champion Jan Ericsson.

With lower temperatures and improving track conditions on the second day of qualifying for the NitrOlympX, the ETs dropped dramatically with numerous changes in the qualifying order as a result. The fans in the once again packed grandstands of the Hockenheim Motodrome had a great day of first class racing and they will definitely come back for more.

On her first run of the Saturday Jndia Erbacher stormed to a great 3.94 seconds. The Swiss home favourite and Friday leader even improved on that performance on her second run of the day with 3.93 seconds to claim the number one position.

Ida Zetterström saved the best for the last by recording 4.02 seconds on her final run of the Saturday to take over the number two qualifying position from Susanne Callin.

Callin was not able to improve her ET and with the 4.41 seconds from Friday, the driver from Sweden dropped into the number three position. In the first round of eliminations Zetterström and Callin, the numbers one and two in the championship, will now have to face each other.

In Pro Modified there were numerous improvements. First of all there was Andres Arnover who stormed to a great 5.863 seconds to claim the number one qualifying position.

David Vegter, Friday’s number two, improved to a great 5.866 seconds and was only 0.003 seconds slower than the driver from Estonia. Friday leader Jan Ericsson improved to 5.90 seconds, but the reigning champion dropped into the number three position.

Roger Johansson surprised with a great 5.94 seconds and is the number four qualifier. Bruno Bader was the best driver from Friday who was not able to improve his ET and dropped from third into the number five position with 5.98 seconds. Michel Tooren is the first driver with a 6.0 second run and is in sixth position, with Marck Harteveld seventh.

In Top Methanol Sandro Bellio proved that the reigning champion is really back to form as the driver from Belgium recorded 5.53 and 5.52 seconds to claim the number one qualifying position.

Johnny Oksa improved to a great 5.57 seconds to take over the number two position.

Tony Bryntesson impressed on his first run of the day and finished qualifying in third position, with Linn Fløysvik fourth, while Friday’s number two, Silvio Strauch, was not able to improve on his earlier performance and dropped into the number five position.

In Pro Stock all drivers recorded better ETs then they did on Friday, but the qualifying order remained the same. Robin Norén improved to 6.71 seconds and will lead the field into Sunday’s eliminations.

Stefan Ernryd improved to 6.75 seconds and finished qualifying in second position, with Michael Malmgren third and Simon Ekengren fourth.

Eliminations for the NitrOlympX will start Sunday morning.

For all qualifying results: https://www.tw-sportsoft.de/NitrolympX_2023_597993/TW_ON_Virtueller_Aushang.php?AUSWAHL_AUSHANG_ART_ID=6&AUSWAHL_PRAEDIKAT_ID=

Text and photo: Remco Scheelings

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