Ida Zetterström, Tina Høst Nedregård, Andres Arnover and Jimmy Ålund remain the number one qualifiers at Tierp Arena

Although there were several improvements on day two of qualifying for the Summit Racing Equipment Internationals at Tierp Arena, the Friday leaders remained in the number one position with the ETs they recorded on day one. Thus Ida Zetterström is the number one qualifier in Top Fuel with 4.06 seconds, rookie Tina Høst Nedregård in Top Methanol, Andres Arnover in Pro Modified and Jimmy Ålund in Pro Stock and these four drivers will lead their respective categories into Sunday’s eliminations.

It was another difficult and challenging day for the drivers, tuners and team at Tierp Arena. After a rain interrupted Friday, the weather forecast for day two of qualifications looked much better. But instead of sunshine and higher temperatures, the weather was again not with the racers at all and qualifying was hampered by drizzle several times during the day. As a result, only one full session of qualifying was completed, instead of the three that were scheduled. In that single run the still packed grandstands saw some good and spectacular racing.

In Top Fuel Ida Zetterström couldn’t improve on her Friday performance, but the 4.06 seconds was enough for the current championship leader to remain in the number one position.

The same was true for Timo Lehtimäki who remained in second position with the 4.16 seconds from Friday qualifying.

Susanne Callin, the number two in the championship, improved to 4.53 seconds to jump from fourth into the number three position. Reigning champion Antti Horto improved as well, but with 5.34 seconds the Finn dropped into fourth position, with a struggling Stig Neergaard fifth.

In Pro Modified the single run caused several changes in the qualifying order. What didn’t change was the number one and two positions, as Andres Arnover, from Estonia, remained in the number one position with 5.87 seconds, with Michael Gullqvist second with 5.93 seconds.

There was a major improvement for Roger Johansson as the driver from Sweden stormed to a great 5.94 seconds to jump from 20th into the number three spot. Åke Persson, Friday’s number three, didn’t improve his ET and dropped one position into fourth. Marck Harteveld improved to 5.98 seconds but still dropped into fifth position. Mats Eriksson improved to 6.09 seconds and was the first of the 6-second runners. The Swede is sixth with the number three in the championship, David Vegter, seventh, and reigning champion and championship leader Jan Ericsson eight. Bruno Bader, the number two in the title race, will have to start eliminations from tenth position.

In Top Methanol Tina Høst Nedregård recorded another great ET, but couldn’t improve the excellent 5.26 seconds from Friday qualifying. But this was more than enough for the rookie driver to remain in the number one qualifying position.

Tony Bryntesson couldn’t improve either and remained in second position (5.39 seconds), with championship leader Linn Fløysvik in third, while Silvio Strauch improved his ET to take over the number four spot from reigning champion Sandro Bellio.

In Pro Stock there were two major improvements, but nobody could match Jimmy Ålund’s 6.59 seconds from Friday, thus the multiple champion remained in the number one position. Stefan Ernryd improved to 6.68 seconds and jumped from the number eight into the number two position. Simon Ekengren improved as well and will start eliminations from third position, with Robin Norén fourth and Tommy Leindahl fifth.

Eliminations for the Summit Racing Equipment Internationals will start on Sunday morning.

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Text and photos: Remco Scheelings

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