Schmidt teams up for 2023 and Team Brothers gain a sister

After stepping up to the FIM-E Super Street Bike ranks a couple of years ago, Dutch racer Margot Schmidt has been very busy in preparation for the 2023 European tour thanks to a plan hatched towards the end of last season.

“As most know, Stefan (my husband) and I have been working together to prepare the bike and compete at races in Santa Pod and continental Europe. Last year, Daniel Lencsés [current FIM-E Super Street Bike champion and the quickest rider in Europe] and Team Brothers approach us and suggest the idea of continuing together as a team and entering the FIM Championship together in 2023. These plans have come to fruition with my bike going to Team Brothers to have a series of upgrades with numerous trips between the Netherlands and Hungary [Lencsés base] to be closely involved with the entire process. We’ve also completed two test weekends at Santa Pod [England] and Kunmadaras [Hungary] with a few challenges, but now we seem to have found the right setup.”

It’s not just been about the bike for the Schmidts “we also have been working hard attracting and expanding sponsorships. Major thank you to Vanson leathers, Orient Express Racing, APE, HELLO Reclame and ACL Bearings to take us aboard as a team!”

And it’s not just a dual threat for the 2023 championship “In addition to Daniel’s bike and my bike, there will be a 3rd Super Street Bike in our team, driven by Krisztian Jasz, so we will be strongly represented. To say I am very happy with these developments is an understatement, I am very grateful to Daniel and Rita Lencsés and Team Brothers!”

Text: Ivan Sansom
Photos: Ivan Sansom & Rose Hughes, Remco Scheelings

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