The FIA in Bologna, trophy for 2022 champion Antti Horto

Last week the FIA World Motor Sport Council gathered in Bologna, Italy, for the final 2022 FIA Annual General Assembly. Highlight of the meeting was of course the official FIA Prize Giving Ceremony on the Friday evening. During this annual gala all FIA champions received their FIA trophies. One of them was 2022 FIA European Top Fuel champion Antti Horto.

A few days before the Prize Giving gala the World Motor Sport Council approved many calendars, including the 2023 FIA European Drag Racing Championship calendar:

26-29 May 2023, Santa Pod Raceway

15-18 June 2023, Tierp Arena

10-13 August 2023, Tierp Arena

25-27 August 2023, HockenheimRing

07-10 September 2023, Santa Pod Raceway

Photo: Anti Horto and Lars Pettersson

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