Tierp Arena is back on track!

A few days left until the last registration date for Summit Racing Scandinavian Nationals 2021! Finally, we´re getting back to Tierp Arena once again. Amazing! Final registration date is July 28th. Don´t miss this opportunity.

There are weeks of hard work for a group of people to take us back to Tierp Arena, but now we´re finally there. The track is under hard preparation right now and the list of registered racers at www.dragracing.eu is filling up.

Top Fuel Bike Driver Thomas Pettersson from Sweden is one of the heavy bikes participating at Summit Racing Scandinavian Nationals

This is a EDRS Pro and Summit Racing EDRS Series event. But there is a big interest from FIA racers as well, who is now taking the chance to start up the vehicles.

Pro Modified driver Michel Tooren from Netherland tested his new settings at Sundvall Raceway before he take on Tierp Arena in a few weeks.

Among others we find Pro Modified drivers David Vegter, Marck Harteveld and Michel Tooren from Nederlands participating. Nevertheless, we also welcome Bertrand Maurice and Jean Dulamon from the France to this event.

Competitiondriver Stefan Winter from Switzerland also have plans for Tierp Arena and Summit Racing Scandinavian Nationals.

We´re also happy to welcome drivers from all Scandinavia and other European countries as Germany and Switzerland. This is going to be a great international drag racing event for the first time in a couple of years. There will come more details when it comes to restrictions and spectators. At this very moment it is an event without spectators, so far. But if there is a chance to welcome others than the racers in, it will for sure, be announced. Right now, hard work going on to get all set.

Note that the date can changes if there is under 250 participators registered. It meens that thursday the 12th can be canceled in that case. So get in and register for a fully racing weekend.

Hope to see you all at Tierp Arena August 12-15th! 

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