A-Fuel Team Sweden going for FIA European Championship 2021

A new Top Methanol Drag racing team is established in Sweden. Even if the team is new, the three drivers and crew have many years in Drag racing together.

Jonny Lagg, from the southern part of Sweden, Boxholm, started racing Methanol burning dragsters in 1983 to 1985. Then he went to the USA and did some races together with well-known names as Kenta Persson, Jarmo Pulkinen, Jonny Nilsson and Peter Lantz. After that, he was a crewmember on Monica Öberg’s Top Fuel Dragster a couple of years. In 2013 he bought A- Fuel Master driver/tuner Krister Johansson’s dragster. His highlight in his career so far was winning the FIA European Championship in 2016, and he is still hungry for at least one more championship title.

Daniel Jedborn, from the northern part of Sweden, Skellefteå, started his racing career in 1994 with a homebuilt doorslammer. He went to Dragsters in 1997 and started with a Blown methanol burning front motor dragster that he sat low ET in Europe with. He raced that between 2011-2018. Daniel won the Swedish Championship in 2017. From 2019 he is competing in a Nitro burning A-Fuel Dragster.

Tony Bryntesson, from the southern parts of Sweden, Jönköping, started his Drag racing career as a driver in 1981 in a home-built Ford 1931 altered. He went to Methanol burning dragsters in 1986-1988. He raced Top Fuel between 1989-1995. Tony had a break from Drag racing with a career in road course racing between 1997-2019. Highlight in Top Fuel Drag racing was winning the Swedish Championship in 1995. He purchased an A-Fuel Dragster from Jonny Lagg in 2019 and did a couple of licencing runs in 2020. He is looking forward to come back in 2021.

Jonny Lagg’s Crew chief Krister Johansson, and Lars Lindkvist, are very well known, and have a great reputation as one of the best couple of A-Fuel tuners out there. “They will have full focus on Jonny´s car, but with our partnership as “A-Fuel Team Sweden” they will also work as mentors to our Crew chiefs,” said Daniel and Tony. There is also a plan to bring over a highly recommended Crew chief from the USA to the first races of the FIA tour.

“The benefits with establishing a team with three A-Fuel cars will make us strong, with possibilities to lower the total costs. We will be able to have spare parts, special tools, knowledge and crew to share between us if needed.”

“We are all aware that Convid-19 could also be a problem in 2021 to make the whole FIA European Championship Tour. But we need to be positive, hope for the best that this virus will calm down and the world will come back to normal as soon as possible.”

“A-Fuel Team Sweden are preparing for a complete FIA European Tour in 2021. Spare parts are ordered and will start dropping in at the end of January. WE WILL BE READY!

Contact information:

Jonny Lagg, jonny.lagg@batgaraget.se

Daniel Jedborn, jedborn1@gmail.com

Tony Bryntesson, t.bryntesson@bryntessonmotorsport.com

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