A happy 2020 ending at Gardermoen

Gardermoen Raceway ended Norways part of a somewhat shortened Summit Racing EDRS Series 2020. With a few weather interruptions on Saturday, the competition could end in sunshine on Sunday.

The crew at Gardermoen managed to get two classes done before a storm with hail as big as peas broke out on Saturday. But after rain comes sun and so did it this time.

– We continued racing until 7.30 pm and the track was fantastic, Annelie Johnsen announced after the race.

Sunday started with two qualifying rounds before the elimination. The competition ended in sunshine at 6.30 pm and half an hour later the award ceremony could start.

– Apart from Saturday’s storm, it was a very good event, says Annelie. Everyone was positive and happy with everything and we got a lot of credit. We say thank you for that. It was a big job to get this thru with all restrictions, but we made it. There were many personal best times made and new records were set.

The pitarea was closed to the public and the recommendations were strictly followed to minimize the spread of Covid-19. With a smaller depot, extra toilets, hand sanitizer, etc, plus many Covid-19 guards.

All praise to the organizers with staff who, despite the current situation, managed to carry out a good event. Now we can all hope for a better season 2021.

Many thanks to the photographers: Hans Olav “Turborider” Fangan, Annelie Johnsen and Tore Ravneberg


Results Drag Finals -Covid-19 Edition

JrDragster: Win Gunnar Beinseth, RU Victor Barstad

Super Gas: Win Christer Uhlin, RU Per Eilertsen

Pro ET: Win Stein Jarle Tønnessen RU Roy Arlid Tvei

Super Pro ET: Win Simen Lillegård, RU Mikael Rolstad

Jr Bike: David Harley Feltstykket, RU Hanna Amundsen

Street Bike: Win Arve Myrbostaden, RU Audun Brustuen

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